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Ligres Beach Crete

by Vivi
(Zaros, Heraklion)

Ligres Beach

Ligres Beach

Ligres Beach is one of my favourite beaches in Crete! It is a beautiful, large, long, remote beach with very little access or buildings.

For this reason it is heaven to visit, with not many tourists. There are plenty of wide open spaces and you can get away from it all, swim and gaze over the deep blue Libyan sea.

There is a taverna serving delicious fresh local dishes, with lovely hospitality by the Zazapoulos family. They have a few simple rooms for rent too, very affordable

I love to sit awhile and watch the world go by. This beach is on the south coast of Crete, Greece, 50 km from Rethymnon . It is not so far from Kerames village.

Tell Giorgos and Olga you saw my story! Yiasas! Kalo Taxidi!

A Good Quiet Seaside Spot

Thanks Vivi for your story and photo of Ligres Beach.

That sounds like our sort of beach too!

Far away, remote, quiet, hard to get to and with a taverna and some rooms to rent.

That is the life! A hard day relaxing at the beach followed by fresh fish and local food.

Thanks Vivi.

We will be sure to tell Giorgos and Olga we heard it from you!

A little bit about this beach...

You will need a car to visit Ligres beach.

This beach is located near Agia Fotini Beach and Triopetra Beach, it makes a nice drive from Kerames Village and you could include a visit to Agia Paraskevi Village.

From Rethymnon to Kerames is about 35 km and the journey will take about 50 minutes. From Rethymnon, take the road Melambon-Agias Galini, to the south. Go through the villages of Armenoi, Ano Miksorouma and Mourne then you will come to Kerames. In Kerames you could stop for coffee before continuing to the beaches.

The journey from Chania is about one and a half hours, from Heraklion two hours.

The fresh fish caught by the Zazopoulos family in their own boat off the shore from the taverna will be worth the drive.

Ligres is at the foot of Mount Siderotas, and as such has a beautiful almost wild element to it with many stunning rocks dotting the coastline. You sometimes wonder if there may be an old pirate ship hiding beyond the next boulder in the sea.

The coast has many rolling hills and headlands.

To the south you have Akoumiani Gialia and to the north you have Katsouni. This entire area is a vast open beach with course sand and a very majestic aspect. The access to this area is limited due to the proximity to Mount Sideratos. This thankfully has kept this beautiful area from becoming too busy and mainstream.

Further south east you will find Triopetra which offers some very scenic rock formations and coves as well as fishing.

Katsouni to the north is quiet and remote and popular with nude bathers.

All in all, this is a very unspoilt area that is a haven for relaxing and slowing down. There are enough rooms and tavernas to keep you comfortable, but do not expect bars and nightclubs to keep you occupied at night, nor moto rental agencies. This is the wild and unpretentious Crete at it's best.

The We Love Crete Team

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We trust you have enjoyed these tips from the We Love Crete team. Evíva!

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