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Do you love Crete?

Spili Village Crete (image by Tango)

If you have a favourite beach in a story on the favourite beach page

Whether you live in Crete, you are local, expat, visitor or just holidaying, this is the place to share your love for Crete and tell the world your story.

Did you Walk the Gorge?

Samaria Gorge Crete

Contact us if you are proud to tell us about your Samaria Gorge walk - tell us and the world here

When did you go? How long did it take you? How did you arrange it? Do you have any tips? How about snap shots? Where to stay? Was it wet like this picture or dry? Contact us here.

Of course we want stories from other gorges and canyoning and mountain climbing and everything else in the wilds of Crete!

Seasons in Crete

Cretan flora

If you are trying to decide which month to visit Greece, perhaps Athens and Crete, we have some pointers for you here:

Which is the best time to visit Crete?

Weather in Crete

Weather in Chania

Weather in Heraklion

Weather in Athens with seasonal tips

More tips and stories for seasons in Crete

If you have any further questions about seasons, temperatures or which time to visit Crete, please contact us.

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We Love Crete - our family

Authors of We Love CreteWe love exploring - do you? is a website for independent travellers and lovers of is a website for independent travellers and lovers of Crete

A Conversation with the Authors of We Love Crete

Are you:

  • travelling independently to Crete?
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This website is for you and we would love to hear from you.

Apostoli and Katia were interviewed about our website and about our love of Crete and travel by Daniel of Traveloris, see the video here:

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Our e-Book Trip Guides

Many of our web visitors asked for tips on how to see Crete in 5 days.

We remind you that you cannot actually really explore and feel and appreciate this large island in 5 days. This island is the biggest Greek island roughly 260 km by 60 km, which hundred of beaches, 3 mountain ranges, plenty of gorges, 4 capital towns and hundreds of villages to discover.

So, we divided our booklets into west and east, and encourage you to take 10 days (or longer) to explore the beaches, mountains and so much more.

These mini trip guides can be expanded to take as many side trips as you like, and give you some off the beaten track routes to see this wonderful island.

West Crete by Car ebook

Take a back roads journey through the island of Crete in Greece. The 5 Days in the West of Crete by car or motorcycle helps you discover the real Crete - archaeological sites, wine tastings, organic tavernas, hidden valleys and other gems in the west of Crete. Get behind the scenes.

Anastasi, Apostoli and Katia of We Love Crete have put together their favourite places in the west of the island to give you a varied and interesting itinerary to follow.

Or adapt for yourself.

East Crete by Car ebook

5 Days in the East of Crete by car or motorcycle

The stunning mountains and coastlines of Crete will be at your fingertips –

  • Experience mountain hospitality and local food in Tzermiado
  • Enjoy the views, nature and green heart of the Lasithi Plateau
  • Use our accommodation tips in Elounda
  • Relish in the stylish lakeside boulevard and atmosphere of Agios Nikolaos
  • See the inland route to Kato Zakros and the historic Gorge of the Dead
  • Rugged Gorges! Unexplored mountains and gorges of the east of Crete
  • Best of all, enjoy the luxurious and unusual palm beach and forest of Vai

Many of our visitors are independent travellers who want to use the local buses. This is a wonderful easy way to see Crete. We put together our guide to the west of the island as a little e-book. Contact us to give your feedback on any of these booklets.

West Crete by Bus ebook

West Crete by Bus

  • Learn the secrets of the Minoans at the Knossos Palace
  • Get around easily, see Rethymnon and experience history at Arkadi
  • See Balos Lagoon, Elafonisi protected natural beach and Paleochora Beaches
  • Discover Samaria Gorge and the south coast of Chania
  • Have easy access to the route with our live-link map and clickable website links
  • Local bus tips and bus timetable information, bus station tips and trip plans
  • Choose from 5, 7 or 10 day trip options
  • Packed with tips for accommodation that will save you Euros and provide budget, authentic local experiences
  • Contact us to give feedback on this e-book

East Crete by Bus ebook

East Crete by Bus

  • Learn the secrets of the Minoans at the Knossos Palace
  • Get around easily, see Agios Nikolaos and experience history at Spinalonga
  • See Vai Beach and Palm Forest, Chrissi Island and Kato Zakros beaches
  • Discover Zakros Gorge and the undeveloped eastern Lasithi
  • Have easy access to the route with our live-link map and clickable website links
  • Local bus tips and bus timetable information, bus station tips and trip plans
  • Choose from 5, 7 or 10 day trip options
  • Packed with tips for accommodation

Contact Us for Feedback - when you purchase your e-book you will be sent a feedback email with a confidential link, however if you would like to give us feedback here, please use our contact form - we would love to hear how you enjoyed our guides or how to make any improvements.

To learn more about us please see our story here: about us.

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