Rural Accommodation Crete

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Rural accommodation Crete will give you our personalised choices of out of the way places to experience the real Crete - like this village in Rethymnon called Spili

Rural accommodation Crete...cottages where the real character of the island is hidden.

Crete is a large island 260 by 60 km with large mountain ranges, wide open plains, rocky gorges and hundreds of beaches. When you step away from the beachside resorts and head into the hills, you will discover a myriad of welcoming hamlets and villages.

In the mountain villages, rolling vineyards, olive groves and tiny seaside hamlets, you will find simple stone houses or recently built villas, constructed in the traditional style with all the comforts of the modern world.

Below are our suggestions - with options to suit the budget or mid-range traveller, our selections include:

  • small
  • atmospheric traditional cottages
  • villas
  • guesthouses
  • and pensions

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Chania in the West

Elia Guesthouse in Ano Vouves - courtyard

Cottage Accommodation Chania... including:

  • Eco Village in Milia
  • Elia Guesthouse in Ano Vouves
  • Samonas Villas in Samonas
  • Kamares Houses in Maheri
  • Kastellos Traditional Houses in Kastellos

Rethymnon in the Central West

Cottage interior

Traditional Homes in Rethymnon... including:

  • Meronas Eco House in Amari Valley
  • Dalabelos Farm in Angeliana
  • Erondas Cretan Country Houses
  • Enagron Ecotourism Village in Axos
  • Kouriton House in Tzanakiana Margarites

Heraklion in the Central East

Arhontiko Studio in Arhanes - courtyard with flowers

Guesthouses in Heraklion... including:

  • Arhontiko Studio in Arhanes
  • Eleonas Eco Resort in Zaros
  • Mourtzanakis Residence in Achlada
  • Aretoussa Pension in Pitsidia
  • Traditional Home, Agios Miron
  • More guesthouses here...

Lasithi in the East

Cressa Ghitonia in Sfaka - leafy entrance

Rural Pensions in Lasithi... including:

  • Pezoulia Mountain Retreat in Selakano Forest
  • Cressa Ghitonia in Sfaka
  • Villa Mala in Malles
  • House Margot in Palekastro

Rural Accommodation Crete - the village of Archanes in central CreteRural Accommodation Crete - where the real island character can be found

Rural Accommodation Crete...

Rural Accommodation Crete  - you will find friendly local hospitality in the small communities of Crete, where there is a proud tradition of welcoming guests. Philotimi is the Greek word roughly translated as hospitality, but meaning so much more. Truly the Cretans are known for their generosity and warm-hearted inclusion of travellers.

Village life - experience the natural Crete, see the herbs growing, wander in the olive groves and taste the local produce, from olive oil to wine and fresh fruits.

This is also the opportunity for the village to share its history, its speciality and its wares. Be it pottery, woven cloths, honey or raki, each village has something to offer.

Take some time and you will be made to feel welcome and start to unravel the mysteries of this wonderful island. This is the true meaning of the modern word 'agrotourism'. Sharing in the agricultural riches of the island.

Some of our cottage selections are close to the beach, some are well and truly inland; high in the mountains. Some traditional houses have evolved into an ecotourism resort, which means that there are a lot of activities for you to experience the local nature and customs of Crete.

Take your pick, perhaps combine a country experience with visits to the beach, or choose the mountains for some great trekking experiences...see the locations on the map below... 


Rural Accommodation Crete - a yoga, detox or wellness retreat in Crete will give you an opportunity to live in a green and restorative location in Crete, finding your health and bliss in its wide open spaces.

We have highlighted a few retreats below in rural areas of Crete, some near the beach, some in the hinterland, most will give you an opportunity to experience a local village.

Raw and Vegan Cooking and Yoga Holiday - stay with a small group in a separate rural guesthouse in the quiet countryside overlooking the sea. This location is 50 km south of Rethymnon town, with hiking and beach walks easily included in your day.

Detox retreat in Crete

8 Day Detox Retreat in Crete - enjoy a small mountain village, views to the sea, fresh air, yoga and meditation and quiet in the rural retreat near Amiras village, located 63 km south-east of Heraklion town.

8 Day Walking and Foraging Tour

8 Day Walking and Foraging Tour - enjoy the local food and knowledge at Kastello Taverna in Rethymnon, take a foraging tour to learn more about the traditional ways of eating and living off the land in Crete. Kastellos village is just 24 km south of Rethymnon town.

Aspros Potamos wellness in Crete

At Aspros Potamos near Makri Gialis in eastern Crete, stay in a traditional village at a yoga and wellness retreat. 7 days of yoga, pilates and Cretan cuisine, tasty fresh food cooked only with olive oil. It is a place that combines the beautiful mountains of Crete in addition with the therapeutic sea, located 65 km south of Agios Nikolaos.


Village life in Crete

Rural Accommodation Crete - we encourage you to spend some time in the village, get to know the locals and get involved in the life of the island.

Each village is different, and you will be able to understand the culture from your neighbours and friends in the village, and learn the history of Crete in the kafenion or the 'University of Life' as we call it.

Here we are in the local kafenion. Discussing, listening and learning over a cup of coffee.Here we are in the local kafenion. Discussing, listening and learning over a cup of coffee.

Which village will you choose? We have written about quite a few of the Cretan villages here, to help you decide. Eventually your accommodation might decide for you, so we have provided plenty of options all over the island - it is your choice.

In Chania - in the west

In Rethymnon - in the central west

In Heraklion - in central Crete

In Lasithi - in eastern Crete

The village of Kerasia is very handy for visiting Heraklion and KnossosThe village of Kerasia is very handy for visiting Heraklion and Knossos

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Rural Accommodation Crete
Pezoulia Mountain Retreat
Selakano Forest, Lasithi

Dikti Mountains - PezouliaDikti Mountains - Pezoulia Mountain Retreat

In Selakano in the Dikti Mountains in eastern Crete, you will find the quiet peaceful Pezoulia Mountain Retreat to relax and shake off the stress of the modern world.

Nestled into the Selakano Forest of Pinus brutia and cypress pines, you will be nurtured here any month of the year in your private traditional home, swimming in the pool or surrounded by snow, enjoying the local paradosiaki food in the taverna. This mountain retreat is located just 40 km from Agios Nikolaos but a 'world away'.

If you came for action and not relaxation, you can take your mountain bike onto the local trails, or indeed, walk some of the E4 European Walking Trail which passes through this area. Or perhaps discover the nearby Sarakina Gorge or the Katharo Plateau.

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