Theriso Crete

In the White Mountains

Theriso Crete

Theriso is a small Cretan village 16 km from Chania town in the region of Chania. This village has a remarkable history, intrinsically interwoven with the freedom and independence of the Cretan people.

See the location of the village on the map below...

About Theriso

Leafy ravine on the road to the village

Θέρισο Village, with its dramatic mountain scenery and gorge, sits at 580 m at the foothills of the massive Lefka Ori or White Mountain range in the west of Crete.

The beautiful gorge with its dramatic scenery can be seen from the road as it runs along the bed of the gorge for 6 km, accompanying the tree-lined river and surrounded by the greenery of chestnuts and oaks. Of course the gorge also makes a wonderful walk in the clean mountain air, and is popular with rock climbers and hikers.

Climbers take the opportunity to start from the village to climb the high peak Pachnes, and experienced many sheer and breath-taking cliff climbs all around.

Those less active will enjoy a visit to the gorge, the forest and the nearby Sarakina Cave, 2 km north of the village, with historical finds from the Neolithic, Minoan and Geometric ages evidenced from archaeological explorations.

This gorge and village make a wonderful day trip from Chania, visitors can enjoy the many traditional tavernas in the small village serving both the famous Cretan lamb and meat dishes as well as plenty of local fresh vegetables.

The village and gorge


Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos

The famous politician and statesman, Eleftherios Venizelos (above), born in Mournies in Chaniá prefecture in 1864, started the revolution of 1905 in the village. The inaccessibility of the village, it is enclosed by mountains, made it difficult to capture.

This uprising of 1905 fought to unite the people of the island of Crete after 400 years of domination by the Ottomans, and subsequent outside rule by Prince George of Greece, sent by the Great Powers.

Finally in 1913 Crete became unified with Greece. Eleftherios Venizelos went on to become Prime Minister of Greece from 1910 to 1915.

Venizelos is one of the great heroes of Crete and Greece.

Venizelos no doubt chose this village as he was uniquely tied to the mountain people and this village, it being the village of his mother Stiliani Ploumidakis.

Today the house of his mother still stands in the village and has been preserved as a historical building.

100 Years Commemmorative Postage Stamp

Inside this small village also stands the Eleftherios Venizelos Centre for Independence and the Therisos National Resistance Museum, both of which accept visitors.

The National Research Foundation of Eleftherios Venizelos has its offices in Chania town, and held a 100 year anniversary celebrations of the Theriso uprising in 2005.

Θέρισο 100 Years was an event that gathered together visitors from all over the island and the world between 3rd and 6th March 2005. Proceedings were opened by Anna Psarouda Benaki, the President of the Hellenic Parliament. A congress was held with the support of the Hellenic Parliament, The Prefecture of Chaniá and the Thériso District Council. Contributions were made by universities, historians and research specialists.

Θέρισο holds a special place in the hearts of all Cretans.

Where to the Village

Entrance to the villas

Beautiful local accommodation in two local homes, named Therisso Homes, with traditional construction, stone and wood and plenty of local character, these very affordable guesthouses ensure a unique Cretan local experience in the hills of the Lefka Ori, amongst the mountain people.

Covered courtyard

In the village, you will discover the Elia Villas (pictured above), typical of the architecture of the region, featuring two split level villas with their own fireplace.

View from balcony of Oreinothea Villa in Theriso

Just on the outskirts of the village is this wonderful property Oreinothea (pictured above and below) which literally means - mountain view - and boy does it have a great view! Get away from it all into pure peace and quiet in this well-appointed holiday home, with pool, balcony and all amenities, plenty of parking, this home sleeps four.

Video of The Gorge

Here you will see the scenery as driving from north to south along the valley...

Map of the Villages of Crete

Below see the location of the village on the map of Crete...

Self-Drive with the Family

Limnoupolis Water Park just outside Chania, CreteLimnoupolis Water Park just outside Chania, Crete

Between Chania and Theriso is the large Limnoupolis Water Park with many different pools and rides and fun for all the family. This visit can be combined with a drive up to Theriso to please all the family's tastes. The distance from the water park to Theriso is only 12 km. There are tavernas in Theriso which make it an ideal village to stop for lunch.

Or drive on to inland villages of Drakona or Zourva for lunch, continuing back to Chania by a different route. Perhaps visit the Sarakina Gorge or Kidoni Gorge for a walk.

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