Cretan People and Culture

The diverse Cretan People and Culture. Who are the Cretan people? What is Cretan culture? How can we share our wonderful stories, traditions, ideas, words, songs and histories?

Books of Crete

Literature of Crete - Kazantzakis, modern writers, and travel memoirs.

A man from Crete wearing a sariki

Moustakia, Sarikia & Stivania - proud Cretan customs; unique aspects of life on Crete.

Writer from Crete - Nikos Kazantzakis

Famous People of Crete - from history and modern times, notorious Cretans who have shaped this island's character.

Art of Crete - the Minoan lily fresco

Art of Crete - from the Minoan to modern art, folk art and many creative expressions of Crete.

Dalius Art - twig pen and ink

Architecture and art combine in this collaborative art project inspired by the Doors of Crete.

El Greco Self Portrait

El Greco - our dedicated page about this famous artist who was born in Crete.

Jennifer Aniston

Trivia - what has Jennifer Aniston got to do with Crete?

Pirate skull and cross swords flag

Pirates in the Mediterranean. What has Johnny Depp got to do with Crete?

Greeks and Cretans in the Diaspora... living all over the world sharing the culture of Crete and Greece.

Green Turtle in Crete

Conservation in Crete - with many different projects to join all over Crete, the fascinating wildlife of Crete and Ecological organisations active on the island.

Archelon Logo - Turtle Conservation in Crete

Volunteering in Crete - diverse projects where you can lend a hand to help.

Cafes of Crete

Cafes of Kriti - where you can sit back, relax and take in the local atmosphere, perhaps try a Greek coffee or a frappe.

Cretan People & Culture - Charities

Crete for Life - Charity Logo

Crete for Life is a charity operating in the south of Crete, near Ierapetra, bringing joy to kids suffering in poverty and ill-health with recuperative breaks, hospital support and creativity projects. A holiday camp for kids, this charity provides welcome relief and laughter, sun and swimming, activities and sharing for many children every summer. Their motto is "A holiday can change a life" and we agree.

Visit their website and support their valuable work, volunteering positions are available from time to time.

Cretan People and Culture

Walk With Donkeys

Donkey at Walk with Donkeys shelter

Donkeys are work animals for most people on Crete. When they are no longer useful or too old, in the past they were left to starve or die a sad and lonely death. Alistair and Suzanne think this is terrible, so they have created a donkey shelter in the south-east of the island, near Ierapetra.

The great thing about this is that the donkeys get treated really well, live out their lives in good health, and get to meet visitors who love animals. Some visitors even bring their kids for a farm visit, a picnic, a day trip riding a donkey, a camping trip or a vulture-spotting trek in the mountains, or stay in the glamping tents, to get away from it all.

Donations can be made to support the work of Walk with Donkeys

Cretan People and Culture
Local Life

Local life in Crete is represented by the Dimos or municipal or local government of each prefecture or region - these are the organisations that look after municipal services, legal and environmental services, prepare summer cultural festivals each year and many other local events such as May rememberance ceremonies. Keeping in touch with the Dimos is essential for life in Crete.

Dimos Agios NikolaosDimos Agios Nikolaos

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