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Crete Attractions & Alternatives

Off Beat Crete Attractions - get onto the backroads and travel with your eyes wide open

Top Tips from We Love Crete

Crete Attractions & Alternatives - explore this wide, rugged land in the spirit of independence. Get away from the mainstream and make your own way, follow your own path. Take a step away from the predictable and see a different side of the island.

See the most popular attractions or see alternative sights. The choice is yours.

More information about attractions in Crete:

Our site is dedicated to offering insights into these fascinating places and how to get to each one.

Yet, if you are an individual who wants to get into the soul of Crete, the feel the island's heartbeat, then keep reading further down, we have some alternative ideas for you.

Knossos & Alternatives

Ruins of the Minoan palace at Kato Zakros are a stone's throw from the beachRuins of the Minoan palace at Kato Zakros are a stone's throw from the beach

Crete Attractions - Knossos Archaeological Palace
is the most popular attraction on the island of Crete with good reason. It was the central and most magnificent palace of a fascinating culture, the Minoan, as far back as at least 2000 BC and represents the birth of civilisation in Europe.

That being said, and if you really do not want to visit this extraordinary site of Κνωσός, you can see Minoan sites all over the island, with far fewer tourists, tour buses and noise. Knossos does get really busy, especially in the summer months of July and August.

If you do wish to explore with organised transport and a guide, choose your kind of experience below.

Knossos half day tour

Full-Day Knossos Palace Tour - tour includes Heraklion as well as a guided tour of the archaeological site of Knossos and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. See the controversial reconstructions completed by the archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans, and hear the stories of the labyrinth from your experienced history guide. 6 - 9 hours.

Knossos experiences - choose yours here

Take a Knossos Palace Tour - there are a variety of guided experiences available, from a Skip The Line entry ticket with a guide for 90 minutes, to a 12 hour day tour which includes Knossos and Lasithi Plateau.

Knossos Alternatives

We suggest the following alternative sites for a visit by car:

See more about the Minoan Palaces of Crete with driving distances and a map here

Heraklion Archaeological Museum & Alternatives

Chania Archaeological Museum

Crete Attractions - one of the most important collections in Greece and a must for history buffs, the collection at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is mind-blowing. Allow at least 2 hours if you are a casual observer, and if you enjoy history, consider breaking the visit into two 2 hour visits, with lunch in between, as there is just so much to see.

In summer the museum really does get very busy with coach tourists, so try to arrive early or visit in spring or autumn to really take your time to enjoy it in peace.

Museum Alternatives

Otherwise, we have some alternative suggestions below:

  • Heraklion Historical & Folklore Museum
  • Natural History Museum in Heraklion
  • Archaeological Museum of Chania

See more information including opening times of these museums here

Chania Old Town & Alternatives

The Old Town of Chania seen from the harbour wall near the Venetian LighthouseThe Old Town of Chania seen from the harbour wall near the Venetian Lighthouse

Crete Attractions
- the old town of Chania is an extraordinary intricate web of narrow lane ways with a different story from history around every corner. See the old Venetian quarter, the Venetian Lighthouse and harbour, and see the old Ottoman and Jewish quarters.

Visit ancient sites just next door to modern stylish boutiques, and enjoy  your evening cocktails down by the water to watch the sunset.

More about the Old Town of Chania here and there are plenty of experiences to choose from below.


If you are visiting in July and August, and do not want to get caught up in the shoulder-jostling crowds, we can suggest visiting some of the villages of Chania:

See more about the villages of Crete as alternatives to the busy towns, and where you will discover the real life of the island.

Crete Food Tour of the Old Town of Chania

Crete Food Tour of Chania Old Town - a 3 hour walking tour of the picturesque Venetian town with food tasting. Be led by a local down little-known laneways to out-of-the-way cafes and try mezedes of Cretan local food.

Chania Street stories tour with raki and mezedes

The Miracle of Wine & Olive Oil - a fabulous day touring family wineries and an olive oil factory on this trip from Chania. Sit a while among the fragrant olive trees and then dive deep into nature’s miracle as you taste award-winning local wines of the Kissamos region. 6 hours.

Hania Crete - Sunset Wine and Dinner Tour

Wine, Food and Sunset Tour with 3-Course Dinner -  enjoy your evening with a local guide showing you a hidden spot only known by locals, from where you can watch an uplifting sunset and then eat a gourmet dinner with local wine tasting - this is a 4 hour tour that you will never want to end.

Crete Attractions & Alternatives
Chania Region

Explore Hania with tours

From gourmet wine-tasting to beach swimming at Balos Lagoon, walking through rugged gorges or tasting Cretan cuisine, experience Chania.

Samaria Gorge & Alternatives

Agia Irini Gorge - lesser known - just as beautifulAgia Irini Gorge - lesser known - just as beautiful

The popularity of Samaria Gorge has its well-founded reasons, it is a spectacular gorge with very high walls that are narrow at one point, with surprising scenery at every turn. The challenge of walking 16 km over a rocky path, however, is really for experienced hikers. The average tourist isn't really ready for a walk like this. Yet still they bundle out of their coaches by the hundreds in peak season.

Samaria Experience

Small Group Hiking Trip to Samaria Gorge - this is a 14 hour day to enjoy the walk without the hassle of transport and logistics. Walk 16 km, arrive at the coastal village of Agia Roumeli. Then take your ferry and a coach back to your hotel. Sorted.


So, if you do not want to be surrounded by too many people, and perhaps looking for a little more peace and quiet in your hiking day, we suggest Agia Irini Gorge as an independent alternative.

This stunning gorge walk is 7 km and can be extended to 12 km to walk north-south and end in the tiny seaside village of Sougia.

If you are fit and an experienced hiker, perhaps walking with a guide will be a good solution for your gorge experience.

Agia Irini Gorge Experience

Agia Irini Gorge Private Guide - take a 7 or 10 hour trip with local guide Mel. Start and finish in Chania, walk the gorge with an optional extra walk to Sougia for a swim. Get to know the culture directly from an experienced and knowledgeable local.

Rethymnon Old Town & Alternatives

Arkadi by Robert Paul YoungLook into the past at the Arkadi Monastery in central Crete

Crete Attractions
- the Old Town of Rethymnon is brimming over with history, beautiful architecture, atmosphere and great cafes and restaurants.

Rethymnon Alternatives

If you want an alternative destination in Rethymnon, we suggest the hinterland villages, and the historic Arkadi Monastery, where you can discover the pulse of Crete at a different pace:

Eleftherna Experience

Day Tour of Ancient Eleftherna, Margarites and Rethymnon Region - this full-day tour offers a journey through the ages and some of the prettiest countryside of Rethymno. With a knowledgeable guide, explore Ancient Eleftherna, Arkadi Monastery, Margarites Village and enjoy a local Cretan lunch at a traditional taverna in Asteri Village. 10 hours.

Elafonisi Beach & Alternatives

Walk the E4 between Elafonisi and Palaiochora for a different experience of this magnificent coastlineWalk the E4 between Elafonisi and Palaiochora for a different experience of this magnificent coastline

Elafonisi Experience

Day Tour to Elafonisi Beach - because sometimes you just want to relax. Visit this pristine, undeveloped beach. This 12 hour experience, departing from Chania.

Elafonisi Alternative

Crete Attractions - here is our suggestion of an alternative way to enjoy Elafonisi Beach.

Take a local bus to Elafonisi, enjoy the beach, then walk along the E4 European Walking Path by the shoreline, stopping at your own choice of beaches for a swim, and finally arrive in Palaiochora village. Total walk is 18 km, along the seaside. You could stay the night and explore many more beaches the next day, or take an afternoon bus back to Chania.

Balos Lagoon & Alternatives

Ancient Falasarna sits just behind the beach of FalasarnaAncient Falasarna sits just behind the beach of Falasarna, where you can choose from five coves of sandy shoreline

Balos Lagoon is deservedly famous and very popular. It is a totally undeveloped beach - a blissful experience and makes for a fantastic day trip from Chania. It can be reached independently by car, or by boat from Kastelli-Kissamos.

Balos Lagoon Experience

A Day Tour to Balos Lagoon - this helps with logistics of coach ride - boat ride and return coach ride. Make a full day of visiting paradise, this is a 14 hour tour. Very convenient if you are staying in Chania.

Alternative to Balos

Crete Attractions - as an alternative to the beautiful Balos Lagoon, independent travellers might choose to visit Falasarna Beach. Take the local bus from Kissamos, and choose from five sandy coves or walk to Ancient Falasarna before taking a dip.

Find a bit more privacy and space at these wide, expansive beaches.

Preveli Beach & Alternatives

The lush green of the palm forest at the meeting of the rocky gorge and the sea at PreveliThe lush green of the palm forest at the meeting of the rocky gorge and the sea at Preveli

Crete Attractions
- Preveli Beach and Palm Forest are so beautiful, located at the end of Kourtaliotiko Gorge, in southern Rethymnon, in a fairly inaccessible area. Drive on mountain roads, walk down the steep access path or take a water taxi from Plakias, and you will be rewarded with a fantasy valley of opulent greens and blues.

Unfortunately the protected beach, with its freshwater lake and palm forest, can get a little too crowded in summer.

Preveli Alternatives

For an alternative beach, but with no palm forest, visit these nearby beaches in southern Rethymnon:

Preveli Beach experience in southern Rethymnon, Crete

Take a Day Tour to Preveli & Damnoni Beaches from Rethymnon - this full day 12 hour tour takes you to the historic Preveli Monastery, Preveli Beach and Palmgrove, and for lunch at Damnoni Beach.

Spinalonga Island & Alternatives

Crete Attractions - the Island of Spinalonga is uninhabited and covered in ruins. It lies just a few hundred metres off the hamlet of Plaka near Elounda in eastern Crete.

The fascination with this island is its unusual history. It was a leper outpost until as recently as 1957.

Spinalonga experience

A Boat Trip to Spinalonga with BBQ - depart from Agios Nikolaos or Elounda for a guided tour of the island, then take the afternoon for a swim and BBQ lunch. 8 hours.


This area of eastern Crete is full of beautiful, rugged and unusual countryside. We suggest the alternatives of

  • sailing on the beautiful Bay of Mirabello
  • or hiking in Kritsa Gorge
  • discovering ancient Lato
  • visiting Ha Gorge

Crete Attractions & Alternatives
Vai Palm Beach & Forest

Erimoupoli Beach in eastern Crete

Crete Attractions - Vai Beach is unique and cannot be compared. It does get very busy in summer.


If you are looking for somewhere a little quieter in summer, we can suggest the nearby beaches of Itanos and Erimoupolis (pictured above).

Also you could stop by the Toplou Monastery which is one of the biggest winemakers in the region, and explore history before taking a wine tasting with local mezedes or appetiser plates.

Accommodation in Crete

Crete Attractions
- choose your style of accommodation all over Crete, from our suggestions:

Getting Here

Take a 1 hour flight from Athens to Heraklion with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air, with many flights available per day.

Or take a 9.5 hour overnight ferry from Pireaus port of Athens to Heraklion port.

More on flights and ferries below.

Car hire in Crete is a really good idea as it is a large island 60 km by 260 km. There is so much to explore.

When you book with our car rental partners - Rental Centre Crete - you are supporting a local company with excellent service and easy online booking. We are sure you will be well looked after by the team. Choose from hybrid, electric or regular vehicles.

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We trust you have enjoyed these tips from the We Love Crete team. Evíva!

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