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Sougia Crete

Sougia Beach Crete Greece

The village of Sougia Crete Σούγια is located on the south west coast of Chania, 70 km from Chania town and 12 km from Palaiochora. This small seaside village, with only one small access road leading across the steep mountains, is relatively quiet and undeveloped.

Sougia Beach Crete Greece

Sougia Beach in southern Chania, Crete Greece

Sougia Beach in southern Chania, Crete Greece

Sougia Crete - with a beautiful sand and pebble beach on a protected bay, visitors come looking to get away from it all, for a classic Greek beach holiday with plenty of sun, space and fresh local food.

Gaze across at the mountains coming down to the sea, sink into the clear water, doze, nap, snooze and truly relax here in southern Crete.

Take a dip in the crystal clear turquoise waters, rest again under your umbrella. Time for another power nap.

Sougia Beach in southern Chania, Crete Greece

Sougia Beach in southern Chania, Crete Greece

Visited daily by ferries from Palaiochora that link to Agia Roumeli, Chora Sfakion, and Loutro these remote south coast villages have a timeless feeling, with endless sunsets facing over the Libyan sea.

This village also serves as a good base from which to walk the Samaria Gorge, or visit the beautiful Palaiochora Beaches or Elafonisi Beach.

South Coast Ferry

Agia Irini Gorge

Agia Irini Gorge (image by Xamogelo)

Those wanting to walk through Agia Irini Gorge (left) Φαράγγι Αγίας Ειρήνης from north to south will complete their trek in this village, which makes for a beautiful reward after a day of hiking.

Those who want to walk the gorge on an independent self-drive day trip, can begin at the village of Agia Irini, parking the car there.

After walking down hill for 7.5 km through the gorge, take a taxi back up to the village from the roadside taverna.

Or continue walking another 4.5 km along the steep country road to the village of Sougia, swim, eat and relax by the water, then take a taxi back up to your car.

This route is far lesser-known than Samaria, away from the crowds and full of rugged Cretan scenery. The walk is open all year round. Take care in winter and any season when the river might have strong waters running. Take water and a hat, especially if walking on the road to Sougia.

Agia Irini Gorge, CreteWalk 12 km from Agia Irini Village down the Agia Irini Gorge to Sougia


Sougia Crete - there are quite a few small family-run rooms for rent in the village. In peak summer things can get a bit full and no beds available, so it is advisable to book ahead.

Galini Studios in Sougia, Crete

The Galini Studios is a small pension run by a local couple and is very relaxed, perfect for a summer holiday by the seaside, basic and clean,  rooms have small kitchenettes, these are studios with good hospitality.

"The staff were so welcoming and friendly...typical Cretan hospitality. Location and facilities were fabulous. The small family team of staff could not do enough to please us. Food was always fresh and excellent, they were all so kind to us, especially our son, can't compliment them enough. The location was stunning, having breakfast overlooking the Med, brilliant. We will be back."

Sea views from Christo's Place holiday home in Crete
Christos Place Living Room

Christo's Place is a holiday home located between Palaiochora and Sougia, up in the hills near Anidri Village, hidden amongst olive groves. Steep mountain roads take you to Palaiochora or Sougia.

1 bedroom cottage suits 2 people, a 2 bedroom cottage sleeps 4 guests.

This holiday home set in the hills inland, in Anidri village near Palaiochora. In this location it would be best to have a vehicle.

"The village is nicely small and peaceful. The house is located in a wonderful location, with excellent views. You can go hiking directly from the house. The house and yard are amazing (well designed). Everything you need can be found in the house. It is about a 10-minute drive to the beach. A wonderful destination for couples!"

To Spiti Mas - Our House - Sougia Crete
To Spiti Mas - Our House - Sougia Crete

To Spiti Mas - Our House - is located 4 km from Sougia in the village of Moni just inland from Sougia.

4 apartments are available welcoming 2 guests in each, with double beds and sofa beds, kitchenettes and air conditioning. A beautifully designed traditional home now stylishly modern without compromise. The taverna across the road offers Cretan traditional cuisine.

"Nice quiet place with amazing views couple minutes from the beach. Amazing place with lovely cosy design and great quiet location, the mountain view is just beautiful, not far from the town and beach. The host was very kind and accommodating and left us some lovely wine and cake. We enjoyed our stay very much."

View to a Thrill Villa Crete
View to a Thrill Villa Crete
This is the luxury symbol on We Love Crete

View to a Thrill Villa - a hikers stop with all luxury added, welcoming 3 guests in 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom. Get away from it all in the mountains of Crete, 20 minutes from Sougia Beach. The home’s open-plan interior, with exposed stone and wooden beams, makes for a picturesque retreat after a day of rambling. Rest your weary feet around the fireplace.

There is a traditional taverna on your doorstep.

Seaside Tavernas & Cafes
Sougia Crete

Sougia Beach Taverna

Look at this for seaside dining! How close to the sea do you need to be?

The quality of food at the beach side tavernas is excellent, although with this location, who is watching the food? The soft waves roll onto the beach leaving a quiet hiss on the pebbles in a rhythmic sunset harmony.

Seriously, there are ten taverna cafés in the village so the healthy competition creates wonderful service and quality for visitors who always comment on the great cooking.

  • Kyma Taverna
  • Livikon Taverna
  • Cafe Bar Erontas-Diktamo
  • Lotos Cafe Bar
  • Under the trees at Seaside Cafe Bar
  • Smaragdus Taverna

Sougia Beach Crete Greece

Ancient Lissos & Lissos Gorge

A 90 minute hike from Sougia, through the impressive steep-sided Lissos Gorge, is the ancient site of Lissos Λισσός. This ancient settlement was part of a society that thrived in the south of Crete in the Hellenistic period (between 320BC to140BC), through the Roman 1406BC to 330AD and early Byzantine periods.

Lissos (below) served as the harbour for the ancient town of Elyros. The remains of a healing temple named after the God of healing Asklipios Ἀσκληπιός can be found here. Also found here are ruins of baths, a theatre, an aqueduct and a cemetery. A natural spring is also found here.

Lissos had its own coins with images of the Goddess Artemis and dolphins, showing the trading and commercial prosperity of the times.

Walk west from Sougia for 2.5 km to find this bay and the ancient site of Lissos.

A short walk to Lissos Archaeological Site

Sougia Crete Lissos BeachLissos beach as seen from the walking track

Lissos Ruin (image by Salvatore Mugliett)

Walking to Sougia

Agios Pavlos Beach as seen from the E4 walking path (image by Mark Latter)Agios Pavlos Beach as seen from the E4 walking path

The E4 European Walking Path in Crete
passes through Sougia, as it runs along the south coast of Chania. Departing from Palaiochora in the south-west of the island, it is a 14.5 km walk to Sougia.

Experienced walkers take the path along the coast from Palaiochora to Loutro over 3 days with some very long hikes:

  • Palaiochora to Lissos 11 km
  • Lissos to Sougia 2.5 km
  • Sougia to Agia Roumeli 20 km
  • Agia Roumeli to Loutro 13 km

Walking the E4 on the south coast of ChaniaWalking the E4 on the south coast of Chania

Agia RoumeliAgia Roumeli

Loutro Crete HarbourLoutro harbour

Getting to Crete

Sougia Crete - to get here, the closest airport is Chania Airport CHQ.

Hire a car or take the local bus to Sougia, the journey takes about 1.5-2 hours in the car, or 60km. The bus takes 1 hour and 45 minutes and costs under €8. Or take a local taxi, see more details below.

More information for flights and ferries to Crete below.

Taxi to Sougia Crete

Sougia Taxis in southern Chania, Crete Greece
Sougia Taxis in southern Chania, Crete Greece

Mary and Eftichis Vittorakis of Sougia Taxis will help you with your travel plans, get in touch with them early when planning a visit to Sougia. They have a family business with taxis and minivans and know these areas well.

Transfers from Chania Airport with a friendly greeting by your driver can be arranged and the transfer duration is 1.5 hours.

Mary & Eftichis - Sougia Taxis in southern Chania, Crete Greece
Dimitris - Sougia Taxis in southern Chania, Crete Greece

Enjoy local knowledge, kindness and reliability of Sougia Taxis. Get to know the area with tips from your friendly drivers, Eftichis Vittorakis, Dimitris and another friend Eftichis. These quality drivers will look after your safety on the drive over the mountains.

If you are considering a transfer from Chania Airport or Souda Port, or even a hike of Agia Irini Gorge or Samaria Gorge, get in touch with them to discuss your options.

Sougia Taxis serve  Sougia, Palaiochora, Kandano, Elafonisi to the whole prefecture of Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Lassithi, Chania & Heraklion Airports and vice versa.

On the Map

See below the location of Sougia Crete on the south coast of Chania in western Crete:


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