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Athens Greece Weather

Odeon Athens

Athens Greece Weather - shows the current temperature and 7-day forecast below.


Seasons in Athens

Seasons in Athens:

  • May, June, September and October have mild temperatures
  • Spring is March, April and May
  • Autumn months are September, October and November
  • Summer is July and August and is very hot average temperatures 29°C or 84°F
  • Winter is December, January and February and cold with average temperatures of 10°C or 52°F
  • The best seasons to visit are spring and autumn
  • Athens is jumping all year round with cultural activities, fantastic restaurants, bars and nightclubs

Spring in Athens

Visit Athens in the spring - stay in Plaka at the base of the AcropolisWhen visiting Athens in the spring - stay in Plaka at the base of the Acropolis - choose a hotel with views to the Parthenon

The Adrian Hotel has a rooftop garden to enjoy over breakfast, before exploring AthensChoose a rooftop garden to enjoy over breakfast, before exploring Athens with mild temperatures

Spring is from April to June, April is quiet in terms of other travellers and after Easter it is good for swimming. May is the time for flowers and long walks, visiting ancient ruins in an unhurried way, appreciating the history with less chaos and fewer visitors.

Average temperatures starting at 16°C or 61°F in April and reaching a beautiful 26°C or 79°F in June.

Summer in Athens

Stay cool in Athens in summer - relax in leafy Plaka and enjoy the local cafe-barsStay cool in Athens in summer - relax in leafy Plaka and enjoy the local cafe-bars

The summer months of July and August are very warm in Athens, with average temperatures of 29°C or 84°F. Night time is still warm with averages around 24°C  or 75°F.

Lake Vouliagmeni Athens

Water temperatures are perfect for swimming, at the beaches of Lake Vouliagmeni Λίμνη Βουλιαγμένης (above) and Varkiza Beach, both about 1 hour south of the city.

Schinias Beach near Athens

Our tip is to visit Schinias Beach Παραλία Σχινιά which is 40 km north of the city, lined by forest and next to a wetland, you can really escape the city hubbub.

Island Day Trip

Top Tip from We Love Crete

Our Top Tip - summer is perfect for visiting the nearby islands on day cruises, such as stunning Hydra in the Saronic Islands, one of our favourites which we highly recommend.

Hydra Experience - Cruise from Athens

Athens to Hydra, Poros & Aegina Day Cruise with Lunch - Soak up some sun on the spacious deck as you sail to the Saronic Islands. Cruise over the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea and have free time on each island. Savor a mouth-watering buffet lunch and enjoy an audio tour of the island of Hydra.

Summer in Athens - many locals leave the city for their own holidays during August and so, if you don't mind the hot weather, it can be quite relaxing. Take a siesta in the afternoon, then chill out at the rooftop bars late into the evening and enjoy the cafe culture in Plaka.

This is a good time to visit the Acropolis Museum, without all the crowds.

Feel the night air at the Grand Bretagne Rooftop Bar, Galaxy Bar or A for Athens, all with views to the Acropolis.

Rooftop Bar overlooking the AcropolisThe view from the Grand Bretagne Rooftop Bar overlooking the Acropolis - nap in the afternoon heat and make the most of the evenings

Brettos Bar in the historic Plaka quarter is full of colour and atmosphereBrettos Bar in the historic Plaka quarter is full of colour and atmosphere

Or head to Brettos Bar - one of the oldest bars in Europe which began distilling its wares in 1909. Its colourful display has locals and travellers heading in to enjoy the atmosphere, and to try the homemade ouzo, brandy and liqueurs. Located in the historical Plaka district, this is a local experience to get your taste buds ready for the ouzo in the Greek islands!

Athens Greece Weather
Autumn in Athens

Autumn Weather Heraklion - Thalori Retreat in the mountains of southern CreteAthens Greece Weather - autumn is a good time to avoid crowds and enjoy the history of Greece.

This 15th Century church is an example of the history on every corner of the capital - this is Agios Eleftheros on Plateia Mitropoleos, known as the 'Mikri Mitropoli'.

Walking is great at this time of year, there are plenty of trails to explore here. Visit ancient sites, churches, monasteries, galleries and museums, not to mention cafes, bars and restaurants.

Take yourself or take a small group walking tour, explore the food of Athens or the graffiti art, or visit the major sights in the city to get your bearings before exploring by yourself. We suggest the Plaka and Picnic tour which allows for enjoyment of the historic green spaces in the ancient agora or marketplace.

The autumn months of September and October are ideal months to visit Athens, with fewer visitors and cooler days. Average daily temperatures of 22°C or 72°F.

In autumn enjoy a rooftop fire with a drink and a view to the ancient Parthenon.

Athens Greece Weather
Winter in Athens

Make the Grande Bretagne Hotel your base for a winter visit to the capital.

Imagine the company of Maria Callas, Vangelis, Ustinov, David Niven and Olivier, whilst staying in this iconic Athens historic hotel. Perhaps you would invite Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor and Bing Crosby to your imaginary table? Or Sting and Bruce Springsteen?

You will be in good company in this sumptuous feast of a hotel.

From November to March winter is here with cold temperatures, some blustery days, less sunshine and snow on the mountains. Bring your winter-warm layers and get set to meet the locals in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Explore the mainland on wide open roads or enjoy cozy evenings with a little raki or cognac and plenty of good conversation.

Winter daily temperatures average 11°C or 52°F with night times getting down to 7°C  or 47°F.

It rarely snows in the city, but it can.

The Grande Bretagne Hotel, central Athens, Greece

The Grande Bretagne is the most recognised, historic luxury hotel in Athens. Treat yourself to opulence in the winter months, enjoy views to the Acropolis and the convenience of the location on Syntagma Square.

Annual Averages

See the annual average Athens Greece weather below.

Tips for your trip to Athens

Travel to Athens Greece

Athens Travel Information - everyone has their own relationship with Athens Αθήνα. We love Athena. We say it is definitely worth spending time to get to know her.

If you are coming to Crete for a quick visit or an extended stay, it is most likely you will have the opportunity to stay in the ancient capital, so we have put together this guide for you, to enjoy your Athens stopover.

Top Tips from We Love Crete

Here are our tips on what to see and how to experience Athena and some great hotels to choose from, tips on getting around in the city and highlights of festivals.


We trust you have enjoyed these tips from the We Love Crete team. Evíva!

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