Weather in Crete

The current Weather in Crete...below are some more tips and stories about Crete and some of the extraordinary people living and travelling here...

Tips for Crete
- a site  by a British expat couple who have been living in Crete for over ten years, a site about the hand collection of wild herbs of Crete by a local man and a German-Danish woman who also distill their own essences, a site by world travellers Klaas and Jose about the high mountain flora of Crete and Greece, and the regional travel website 'Incredible Crete' with some great info and fantastic videos...

Completely Crete webpage screen shot

Completely Crete ...Alison and Graham moved to Crete from the UK and have bought a house, rented one, sold one, and everything in between. They share their local knowledge from an expat perspective, lots about local nature and culture too...

Crete Travel - Wild Herbs

Crete Travel - Wild Herbs such as ChamomileChamomile by Wild Herbs of Crete

Wild Herbs of Crete webpage screen shot

Wild Herbs of Crete ...Babis and Janina have been collecting and distilling herbs exclusively from wild populations in Crete since 1994, and produce essential oils, share their vast knowledge of "wildcrafting". Find out why on their beautiful site. Or make the trek to Kallikratis to visit their own cafe-shop and workshop high in the mountains of Sfakia...

Incredible Crete - by the Region of Crete

Incredible Crete has a wonderful collection of information about Crete, with beautiful videos, images, and sections on nature, history, beaches, travel planning, gastronomy, agrotourism and religious tourism. The extensive listing of hotels, villas, cottages and rooms for rent will delight the visitor. Presented by the Region of Crete, it also covers alternative travel. We love the icons based on Minoan script and the refreshing campaign 'Crete - Surprisingly Yours'. The videos have a great sense of humour and really hit the atmosphere of the island.

Greek Mountain Flora - screen shot of webpage

Greek Mountain Flora ...with a special section on the flora of Crete, written by amateur botanists Klaas Kamstra and José van Son. After extensive trips in Europe and further away, they share their knowledge of mountain plants here. This island has a unique ecology in the Mediterranean and botanists and lovers of herbs will be surprised at the variety and diversity of the moutain flora.

Country road with 'narrow road' sign (image by J Vandel)

These are just some of the resources available online about the beautiful island of Kriti. 

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Current Weather in Crete

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