Kokkinos Pirgos Beach

Kokkinos Pirgos Beach

Kokkinos Pirgos Κόκκινος Πύργος beach is a wild, long and pebbly beach on the south coast, with surf and one of our favourite fish tavernas in Crete.

The town took its name 'Red Tower' after a tower that was built here in the middle-ages from red clay. It is no longer here. Today it is still a sleepy fishing village with a Cretan way of life.

As you look out over the Libyan Sea, you can see two islands to the south. These are called Paximadia, which means 'bread rolls' such a characteristic name for these islands.

To make your way to this beach, drive down the lush Messara valley to Timbaki and be careful to take signs to Kokkinos Pirgos. There is a brand new rock and cement harbour here, I guess the town is not very pretty, but the beach is gorgeous.

Fishing boat in the harbour (image by Rookuzz)

Katia says

I enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets from this beach, whilst skipping stones into the water. Ahh, what a way to enjoy a summer evening!

The Red Castle fish taverna is located right on the beach, not on the other side of the road, not next to the beach, right on the beach. Now that is the way to enjoy the Mediterranean! Wonderful food, not the best service, but who cares when the view is this good and you are relaxed anyway!

Red Castle Fish Taverna - yummmmmmy!

Clear waters mean it is perfect for scuba and snorkelling - see below.

Nearby is Agia Galini which tends to get very crowded in summer, and is a departure point for ferries to the beautiful southern beaches such as Agios Giorgos, Agiofarango and Preveli. 

Only 10 km from historical sites of Festos and Gortys, close to Agia Triada Minoan ruins and 70 from Heraklion town, this is a little unknown village with beautiful views over the Libyan Sea and sunsets in the evening. Looking back inland are great views of the Psiloritis mountain range.

Visit the market town of Mires or the mountain village of Zaros for day trips inland, or discover beautiful Matala Beach with its unusual caves.

Or visit the inland village of Kamilari.

Accommodation Kokkinos Pirgos

The Little Inn - exterior

The Little Inn at Kokkinos Pyrgos

The Little Inn has grown up!

Having been renovated, with new touches of sophistication, it still keeps its charm as a family-run small hotel, with 43 rooms.

The bougainvillea shades the courtyard, the poolside is a haven, there is a gym, sauna and rooftop courtyard with views over the Bay of Messara and to the mountains of Psiloritis. Enjoy a massage if you choose, the fully functioning restaurant and wonderful service.

This location, 70 km from Heraklion, means you are close to beaches and historic sites, and it is close that delicious fish taverna right on the beach.

Trips can be organised to the little islands in the middle of the bay, Paximadia or bread rolls, the day is a relaxing one in the fresh clean waters.

The Tsagarakis family will make sure you are looked after.

More information and bookings at The Little Inn

Scuba and Snorkelling...

Scuba Lessons in the pool

This location, with its wide bay and the islands of Paximadia, has countless little rocky coves and beaches to explore underwater. Clear waters and calm conditions make diving here a pleasure...

Mare Sud Dive Centre offer lessons and dives with training beginning in the pool at The Little Inn. Nikos Tsagarakis will guide you under water safely with his many years of experience...

This video below shows Kokkinos Pirgos and the surrounding area including Gortyna, Agia Triada, Agio Farago Gorge, the ancient ruins at Kommos, Phaistos, the Gortyn River, Kalamaki Beach, Kamilari Village and Matala Beach all with beautiful photography.

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