Souda Bay Crete

Chania Greece

Souda Bay Crete

Souda Bay Crete

A deep safe harbour which has been used for centuries, this bay is 7 km from the centre of Chania town on the north coast of Crete. Ferries leave from this port for Pireaus port of Athens.

Ferries depart from this port to Piraeus the port of Athens port - boats of the ferry companies Anek Lines, Anen Lines, Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star Ferries. Departures to Piraeus daily and during the summer period departures twice daily. 

Anek Ferries run from Athens to Crete and dock at Souda Bay Port near ChaniaAnek Ferries run from Athens to Crete and dock at Souda Bay Port near Chania

There are several local buses per hour from the port to Chania town, and taxis take about 15 minutes to the centre of the city, to the old town.

Set just off the national road to the east of Chania, the bay should not be confused with Souda beach to the west of Plakias in south of Rethymnon, Crete.

This is a deep harbour with ruins of forts at the entrance

Souda Bay Crete - the bay is protected by the Akrotiri peninsular, where the Chania international airport is located. The entrance to the bay has been protected by succeeding powers over many centuries, there are ruins of the venetian fort still visible today.

Greek and NATO navy vessels use this bay as a base

The Greek navy and NATO navy operate out of Souda Bay, and there is a NATO missile firing base nearby.

Souda Bay, Crete with Akrotiri Peninsula in the backgroundSouda Bay, Crete with Akrotiri Peninsula in the background

The War Cemetaries are located on Souda Bay

Souda Bay Crete Memorials...

On the shores of the bay is the cemetery of the fallen allies from World War II, where the Battle of Crete memorials are held each year in May. Ceremonies held here are for Allies and take place in the Allied Cemetery.

Exploring Around...

Samaria Gorge in south western CreteSamaria Gorge in south western Crete

It is ideal to have a car to explore around the Chania region of western Crete.

Local buses are good too, but limit the extent of your visits. The bus goes from Chania Port into Chania and also through the coastal villages. To the east of the ferry harbour, are the beachside villages of Kalyves, Almyrida and Plaka.

On the south of the bay, a little inland and south of the national road, sits the ancient site of Aptera, dating from the 14th century BC.

To the west of Chania are the beaches of Agia Marina and Maleme, inland is the gorge and village of Theriso which makes a perfect day trip from this location.

Visit Samaria Gorge, Agia Roumeli, Chora Sfakion and the southern beaches souch as Loutro (pictured below).

Loutro Crete - pictured from Porto Loutro tavernaLoutro Crete - pictured from Porto Loutro taverna

On Souda Bay Crete

This two bedroom villa is only 1.5 km from the beach, has an exquisite view of Souda Bay and lots of privacy.

Ikaros Villa is located only 20 km from the port where the ferries arrive in from Athens, and only 30 km from Chania Old Town. Discover the many attractions of this Xania region from this good central location, and see Rethymnon only 48 km to the east.

See our suggestions for Beach Accommodation in Chania...

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