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Gialiskari Beach Paleochora

by Elisabeth

Gialiskari Beach, Crete

Gialiskari Beach, Crete

Gialiskari Beach - We Love It!

Paleochora always was one of our favourite places on Crete, we like the mixture of urban living in the town, the beaches, the mountains just so close. As we prefer to swim and rest in the sun nude, we love this beach.

Formerly we drove to the west to Krios beach, but a few years ago we missed there sun chairs and umbrellas (maybe it was too early in the year) and so we 'discovered' Gialiskari Beach, east of the town.

It was perfect: sun chairs, umbrellas, showers, a beautiful sandy beach, and a little further down the beach all people are nude. First time we have been there was in April, only few people have been on the beach. Two years ago we have been there again in June, we loved it again.

And now in less than 3 months, we'll return. We are looking forward to come to Crete, to Paleochora and to Gialiskari Beach.

Elisabeth from Bavaria

Gialiskari Beach Paleochora
by: Apostoli

Yiasou Elizabeth,

Thank you for your great story about Gialiskari beach, Paleochora.

It is great to hear from someone who loves the beaches of Crete as much as we do.

I agree, Paleochora does have a unique feel about it that is somewhere between funky urban and relaxed village.

I especially love the aspect of the land meeting the sea. Such a dramatic meeting of these elements.

Steep, epic cliffs dropping into the blue depths of Poseidona; where only a short walk from the sea you can smell the delicious aromas of Greek cuisine and coffee, accompanied by the bitter-sweet sounds of Cretan music and the unmistakable dialect of Kriti.

I wish you all the best with your next trip.


Gialiskari Beach Paleochora
by: Eros

Elizabeth, we have been to naturist beaches all round the world and this is our favourite.

My wife became a naturist here some years back. Like yourself we love the Paleochora/Sougia area, indeed all south Crete.

We are back in September and hope to find your beach at Itanos.

Gialiskari Beach - again!!!
by: Elisabeth

Yiassou Eros,
So nice to read your comment.

Well, we both of us understand, why it is so wonderful at Gialiskari Beach - I'm so glad, that you share my opinion!

We haven't been there for 3 years and I missed it a lot. This summer, in June, we'll go again to Paleochora and to Gialiskari Beach. I hope that is everything is still as it was.

And you will try to find "our favourite beach" at Itanos? Good luck!

Where are you coming from? Are you Greek?

All the best
Elisabeth from Bavaria

A Visit to Crete
by: Eros

Hi Elisabeth,
We are from Scotland. A lot cooler than south Crete!

Be interested to hear how you get on at Gialiskari in June. We have almost 3 weeks in Crete in September including visiting Xerokampos, Agia Fotini, Vritomartis, Sougia and Paleochora. Can't wait!

How to Get to Gialiskari
by: Alan

Gialiskari beach is a few kilometres east of the town of Paleochora along a dirt road - take care because hire car insurance might not fully cover you for these conditions.

There is also a naturist section on the main sandy beach to the West of town only a short walk from the town centre. See Captain Barefoot's website for more detailed information.

You can get also get to Gialiskari by climbing down the small gorge from the village of Anidri - Anidri Gorge.

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