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Do you have a favourite beach on the island of Crete in Greece?

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Crete Beach 
The Beach in Crete Where i lost my heart forever... All my life i had this dream: standing at the beach with golden sand. It was like i knew this …

Anissaras Beach Crete 
Dino says: "It's a beautiful beach not far from Heraklion and very close to Analipsi and Hersonissos. There are many hotels there, but it's also a quiet …

Ligres Beach Crete 
Ligres Beach is one of my favourite beaches in Crete! It is a beautiful, large, long, remote beach with very little access or buildings. For this …

Itanos Hideaway Crete 
My secret tip: a hide-away close to Itanos. My favourite beach in the northern east of Crete. Last June staying in Palekastro, we tried to find …

Gialiskari Beach Paleochora 
Gialiskari Beach - We Love It! Paleochora always was one of our favourite places on Crete, we like the mixture of urban living in the town, the beaches, …

Vai Beach, Lasithi 
Vai beach for me is a tropical paradise nestled in the south east of Crete; a very long way from the pacifico. I visited Vai beach with some friends …

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The We Love Crete team has chosen their favourites, from West to East of Crete, here are some of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere in the Mediterranean...

  • Elafonisi Beach - 74 km from Chania
  • Falasarna - 54 km from Chania
  • Gramvousa Islet & Balos Lagoon - 52 km from Chania
  • Paleochora - 72 km from Chania
  • Sougia - 60 km from Chania
  • Loutro- 90 km as the crow flies from Chania - requires a walk or a ferry journey

  • Frangokastello - 56 km from Rethymnon
  • Georgioupolis - 24 km from Rethymnon
  • Plakias Beach - 35 from Rethymnon
  • Agia Pelagia - 24 km from Heraklion
  • Matala - 67 km from Heraklion
  • Elounda - 11 km from Agios Nikolaos
  • Vai - 70 km from Agios Nikolaos

There are so many beautiful beaches in Kriti that we have only mentioned a few...there are town beaches with cafes and tavernas...there are beaches for scuba and some beaches you can get a massage...or a good meal...or a drink.

The water temperature is beautiful until November, of course many of the domatia, rooms for rent, hotels and tavernas are closed at the end of October, but in a few places you can still find a few doors open, whilst enjoying the peace and quiet, practically having the beach to yourself. Of course the weather is variable and not as warm as summer...

My Favourite Crete Beach

My favourite Crete Beach image - taken on Kitroplateia Beach
Katia is my story - this is why I fell in love with Crete

Well, I don't really have a favourite, I love them all!! I do have a favourite beach photo, which is show on the left...and a story to go with it...

The story is that one day... I took myself off to Crete...all by myself, and I looked at the map and read a little bit about it and decided to travel from Elafonisi Beach in the very western tip of the island - all the way to Vai Beach on the very eastern tip...and I took 10 days and I did it! Solo!

I left behind the drudgery of the daily commute, the smelly passengers on the cramped train, the glare of my work computer screen, the flouro lights and the banal chat at the water cooler. 

I discovered the fresh air and crisp atmosphere of Greece and Crete, the mountains, the rugged, stony, dry island, and warm-hearted people, and I discovered wonderful beaches, all over the island.

This photo shows my relaxed feet up on the lounge chair on Kitroplateia Beach in Agios Nikolaos, with my cute little summer sandals (which I found in the lane ways of Chania town - great shopping) summer sarong...and the myriad blues of Mirabello Bay and the mountains in the distance...

Mmmm...there is nothing like looking over the sea after a hard day's travelling and relaxing at the beach!

I ended up staying five months in Crete, living and working there and learning Greek, learning so much about this beautiful island and its special people...this really was the beginning of loving Crete!

Now...we invite you to...tell us your story! What is your favourite Crete Beach?

Map of the Beaches of Crete

See the map of Crete below with beaches marked...

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