Crete Beach

by Mira

The Beach of My Dreams

The Beach of My Dreams

The Beach in Crete

Where i lost my heart forever...

All my life i had this dream: standing at the beach with golden sand. It was like i knew this place from my dream existed. Like it was calling me. After a really rough time i had behind i was sent to holiday by my friends. There it started, it was meant to be. Before i went to the travel agency i knew i want to go to Crete. And i went. I just wanted to relax, to think about my life... looking for nothing, expecting nothing...

Then he appeared: a Greek god with the sweetest smile i ever saw. At first i didn't even want to tell him my name, but somehow he convinced me to sit on his bike to show me some kind of palace i had on my tourist map. He had drive me to Malia Beach... to the beach with golden sand i saw so many times in my dream.

A lot of things happened after and i spent the next two and a half years traveling between my home and Crete. With a lot ups and downs i still can say it was the happiest time of my life.

Every time i came back to Crete, when i was happy or sad, when i needed time to think or just to take a walk i went to Malia Beach. Except in my dreams i have not been there for too long... One day i will return.

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