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Crete images - collage

Crete images... What a wonderful feeling of visiting Kriti!

From her mountains to her beaches and olive groves, her charming cosmopolitan towns and her unique animals and plants, food and wine, her lifestyle and customs.

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Wildly Inspriring galleries from all over Greece come with the warning:

You will be packing your bags for the Greek Isles before you know it!

Caryatides at the Acropolis, Athens

Particular images of Greece haunt our dreams and melt into our psyches. The myriad forms and colours across the whole country astoud our senses. 

Eternal Greek landscapes and icons...

A ginger boy wild cat I snapped on the beach in Crete in winter

Greek cats take our imagination - their feline form becoming synonymous with the white-washed walls or the taverna tables...the high walls of Santorini or the seaside bars of Mykonos...

Cats of Greece...

Blue Door (Image by photographerdotnet)

The Beautiful Doors of Greece show the character of the country, enticing us down unknown lane ways as we explore villages and towns all over Crete and Greece...

Doorways of Greece...

Octopus Drying by the Sea (image by FosterFoto)

These images remind of us the fresh breezes of the sea, endless sun, and the promise of a tasty feast with fun company, maybe some Greek seafood; fresh fish and grilled octopus. 

Octopus Drying by the Seaside, Greece...

Blue & White in Mykonos Harbour

While many still make their living in these little wooden boats, for travellers they seem to epitomise the Greek experience...

Images of Greek Boats...

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Crete - Iraklion

Below are some of our favourite photos of Iraklion Town. Iraklion is the capital of the island, a very busy commercial centre, with an international airport, it is located on the north coast in the centre of the island. It is a town of contrasts and new discoveries. 

Iraklion Harbour looking from the old fort to the busy modern port (Image by Damianos Chronakis Photography)

Heraklion Port (image by phileole)

Heraklion Fishing Port and Fortress

Agios Minas - Heraklion
Market in Heraklion - fruit and vegetables on display

Bembo Fountain, Kournaros Square, Heraklion

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Below are our favourite images from Chania town. Chania was the capital of Kriti until 1913, and has always been an important trade centre. Its stunning Venetian harbour and old quarter enchant visitors and locals alike.

Chania Old Town, Crete

Chania Old Town, Ochre walls in the shade

Chania old town walls, a cycle and kitten (image by Irene Shin)

Crete Images

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Below are some of our favourite images from Rethymnon town. With her charismatic old town of narrow streets, Venetian architecture and the tiny old harbour lined with restaurants, to the fortezza on top of the hill, Rethymnon has many different faces to explore.

Rethymnon Harbour and Lighthouse

Rethymnon Fortezza

Rethymnon fortezza

Below are some of our favourite images of Agios Nikolaos. A charismatic town in the east of Crete, with a lake and channel near the large harbour and surrounded by beaches, this town is a delight to explore.

Lake Voulismeni, Agios Nikolaos

Lake Voulismeni, Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos, water reflecting on the boat hulls in the harbour

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