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Crete Travel  ...answers all the questions you have for travel to and in Kriti.

If you are on a quick trip or an extended stay, here you will find all the information you your travelling days flow smoothly...enjoy the real taste of Crete...

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When is the best time to visit Crete? all the info you need to decide...

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Getting to and from Crete - information about travelling to Crete. Sea or air, and the bus and rail connections from Europe. Map provided with airports and ports...

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Getting Around in Crete - detailed information on taxis, transfers, coach services, hire cars, local ferries and maps to assist your visit to Crete flow smoothly. 

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Airports in Crete - detailed info about the airports and how to choose one for you.

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Local Bus Service - timetables and instructions.

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Car Hire in Crete - tips and bookings.

Crete Travel - Where to Stay

Exploring the Island

Chrissi Island, Crete (image by Marke Bakajsa)
Day Tours in Crete Organised day tours to some of the most fascinating corners of the island, including Samaria Gorge and the Palace of Knossos. This is a great way to see Crete on a short break.
Chania Town (image by Atli Hardarson)

Questions & Answers
Here we answer all your questions about travelling in Crete. It is a Q&A and an FAQ. Loads of specific information answering real travellers questions. With a 'Contact Form' so you can write to us too.
Poppies and Lavender in Crete, Greece

Special Interest Trips in Crete From photography to sailing, creative writing to historical tours, there are so many different fascinating ways to see Kriti and enjoy your favourite pass times. Here is our dedicated page about specialist tours in Crete travel for those looking for great ideas.

Crete Travel Stories

Travel Stories
Share your stories, photos and videos of your travels in Crete. Here we publish your travellers tales and your unique experience of Crete. A place for all lovers of Crete to share their love and connection to Kriti.
Map of Crete's location in Greece

Crete facts
All the facts you may need for visiting this beautiful island.
Parthenon in Athens, Greece lit up at night

Tourist Info
Crete & Greece tourist information.
A stack of books to read about Crete

Travel Books for Crete including guides, maps and travel narratives...
A honeymoon in Crete will have you jumping for joy

A Honeymoon in Crete romantic resorts, private accommodation, spas and fun activities...
Relax on the beach in Crete

Villa Ioanna, Crete
Villa Ioanna
Chania, Crete

Melissa Villa, Rethymnon, Crete
Melissa Villa,
Rethymnon, Crete

Stone Villa, Pitsidia, Crete
Stone Villa, Pitsidia
Heraklion, Crete

Carob Villa, Lasithi, Crete
Carob Villa,
Lasithi, Crete

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