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Booking Accommodation

Crete Greece Booking - with our partners at we are able to offer you some beautiful places to stay in Crete.

Meronas Eco House

Meronas Eco House is a traditional Cretan house in the village of Meronas in the countryside of Rethymnon, in the centre of the island. Feel the true Cretan welcome and experience village life with Manolis and his family.

Arodamos Guesthouse sits in nature in the foothills of Mount Psiloritis just 20 km from Heraklion

Arodamos Guesthouse sits in nature in the foothills of Mount Psiloritis just 20 km from Heraklion. Enjoy the unique mountain landscape and warm Cretan welcome.

Violetta Studio & Apartments in Kaliviani

Violetta Studio & Apartments in Kaliviani village will give you the complete experience of living in a Greek village home. This romantic setting will make you feel cozy and warm inside, and cool on a hot day, of course. The rustic renovation with soft pink walls, sandy coloured flagstones, cooling courtyard with lemon trees and vines, and natural materials and curves, is soothing to the soul.

Inside the whitewashed simplicity along with the exposed stonework evoke traditions of long ago when life was much simpler. Enjoy the rustic ambience, perfect for self-catering, (but with free wifi in case you get tech-withdrawals). Sleeps 4 guests in comfort.

Lato Boutique Hotel in Heraklion

Lato Boutique Hotel in Heraklion is one of our favourites, as it combines modern comforts with a great location and a fantastic view. Ask for a view over the old harbour and you can watch the dawn and the sunset over the Venetian fortress and little wooden fishing boats. Walk from here to all major sights in Heraklion town.

Ideas for Your Holiday

Crete Greece Booking - we have helped many travellers plan their trips, see below our bespoke travel plans for our readers.

Perhaps these will inspire you for your own unique journey...

Start planning your holiday in the Greek Islands

Crete Greece Booking

We have created We-Love-Crete to provide a resource for those looking to discover the real Crete. You will find plenty of history, culture and special interest pages here, rather than just travel related information.

The great thing about Crete is that it is a large island, with plenty to discover, with no danger of going stir crazy. Take your pick of four major towns, hundred of beaches, wild mountains and open spaces.

The location of Crete makes it ideal for exploring the Greek Islands, which we have done, and we include our tips for various islands here too - such as Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes, as well as lesser known islands like Kythera, Karpathos and Amorgos.

Each island has its own character and charm, we can only encourage you to go on from Crete to see other islands and experience the different cultures as you go.

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