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We Love Crete
Travel Insurance

Stay safe wherever you are in the world

We Love Crete Travel Insurance - stay safe wherever you are in the world.

We have partnered with to offer one of the best options for cover and keep your costs down while enjoying your travel or backpacking around the world and visiting Greece and Crete.

Get on the road quicker without huge insurance bills - set and forget your cover - until you get sick, or injured, or need to get flown out of the mountains. helps you find an appropriate travel insurance cover that meets your needs within your budget. This easy-to-use online travel insurance comparison website allows you to check the costs and coverage levels of several different cover options from recognised insurance companies in only a few minutes. Find out which insurance company offers great cost savings with the best protection.

4 easy steps to get insured:

  1. Pop your trip details into their form
  2. Get quotes from top rated companies
  3. Compare benefits, prices and plans
  4. Purchase online and be covered in a jiffy!

Hiking in the White Mountains in Crete, Greece - stay in the moment - for backpackers cheap travel insurance (image by Anne Deckel of Aori Walks)Hiking in the White Mountains of Crete

Choose your Travel Insurance

With you will find:

  • Guaranteed best prices
  • Unbiased comparisons
  • Fast and easy to buy online
  • Get your coverage fast and easily by email
  • Helpful tips and articles
  • 100% safe and secure checkout

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

One of the reasons - the cost of emergency medical care. This varies widely throughout Europe. Out-of-pocket medical expenses in Europe can be extremely high, especially if you require medical transportation or hospitalisation. Travel medical insurance coverage usually includes emergency doctor visits, hospital stays, medical evacuations, and prescription medications.

See more reasons in the video below. Always consider your personal travel plans and needs.

We Love Crete Travel Insurance

What happens if you get sick or injured on your backpacking holiday? Did you know that you could need emergency ambulance, a rescue from a remote mountain top or gorge, a helicopter flight or a hospital visit, just because you wanted to get out and about and have some fun? Who is going to pay for all of this? Smart travellers get travel cover. Cost of thousands of dollars can be claimed on your travel insurance.

We Love Crete travel insurance can still cover your main needs and not cost too much, which is why we have given you so much information here, it is the real deal.

See examples below

Aradena Gorge in Crete - Bungee Jumping - what if you get injured on your holiday? - for backpackers cheap travel insuranceBungee Jumping in Aradena Gorge, Crete

There are five main areas which you can choose to be covered for by your We Love Crete travel insurance:

1. Medical Emergencies & Evacuation

2. Trip Cancellation

3. Baggage and Personal Belongings

4. Personal Liability

5. Coming Home Early & Resuming Your Trip

Example 1 - Sickness

A woman travelling in the Ukraine was identified with an extrauterine pregnancy. The local medical facilities were not able to handle this medical event, therefore a decision was made to transfer the patient to a medical facility in another country, because of the life-threatening nature of the condition. The patient was transferred by private air ambulance, and was then repatriated back to Australia.

When things like this happen overseas, travel insurance ensures that you receive the best medical care, even if it means being moved to another country to receive it. Emergency medical teams liaise directly with you and your family, as well as medical staff on the ground, to make sure you receive immediate treatment.

In this example, medical expenses of €71,300 were covered.

Even with backpackers cheap travel insurance, difficulties like this can be well managed and your health prioritised.

Example 2 - Cancellation

A traveller in Brazil was booked to fly out on the 25 August at 6:30pm. Early in the morning on the 25 August, he awoke with a severe fever, coughing, and inability to breathe properly. He visited a doctor that morning and was advised that he was unfit to travel as he had a severe chest infection. The patient was prescribed antibiotics and more than a week of rest. He cancelled the flight immediately and stayed in bed.

Cancellation is an important part of every travel insurance policy. If you buy your cover before you depart, you are therefore insured if you are seriously sick or injured and cannot start your trip. Some policies also include coverage for pre-booked travel if your trip is interrupted after it starts.

Cancellation cost of €670 was paid in this case.

Hiking in the White Mountains, CreteTrekking in the Lefka Ori, Crete

Example 3 - Adventure Sports - We Love Crete travel insurance

A traveller was snowboarding in Canada and had a very rough accident, resulting in a spinal injury. Emergency teams and local medical staff assisted in getting the patient stabilised, then he was airlifted to a major hospital for treatment. The specialised spinal treatment was covered by the policy, as was the cost of returning the traveller home.

Whether you're into rock climbing, crayoning, abseiling or hiking in Crete. The We Love Crete travel insurance by provides cover for a wide range of adventure activities.

€101,000 medical expenses were paid.

Personal Belongings

All too often you hear stories about belongings being lost or stolen when friends and family are on vacation in Europe. The threat of pickpockets, especially while visiting crowded tourist attractions in major European cities, is real. It is also a common mishap to leave a purse, phone, camera, or wallet behind at a cafe when rushing off to the next activity. You need to be covered for the loss of your personal belongings while traveling, so make sure that your travel insurance policy covers loss of:

  • Luggage
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Credit cards
  • Other valuable personal items like special equipment

Disclaimer: Every travel insurance plan is different, so do check the policy wording carefully before you buy a policy to make sure it covers what you need, including all of the activities you’re planning to do. That way you’ll know what’s covered, what’s not covered and the terms and conditions which may apply if you do need to use it.

We Love Crete Travel Insurance - stay safe wherever you are in the world.


We trust you have enjoyed these tips from the We Love Crete team. Evíva!

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Anastasi, Apostoli & Katia are the We Love Crete team
We just love sharing our passion for Crete, Greece and travel
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Anastasi, Apostoli & Katia are the
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We just love sharing our passion for Crete, Greece and travel
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