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How to see Crete Greece

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Crete Greece
Trip Ideas in our Mini Guides

We have created Mini Guide Books in response to many of our readers' questions about Crete Greece. Download as ebooks.

Mini Guide ebook - Five Days in the West of Crete by Car or Motorcycle

Five Days in the West of Crete by Car or Motorcycle

Mini Guide ebook - Five Days in the East of Crete by Car or Motorcycle

Five Days in the East of Crete by Car or Motorcycle

West Crete by Bus

Mini Guide ebook - East Crete by Bus

East Crete by Bus

Ferries to Greek Islands From Turkey

Greek Flag flying over the back of the ferry - Mediterranean blue sea

Do you have a question about getting to Crete Greece from Turkey? - see info here and Q&A from other travellers...

Crete Greece Holidays
What Other Travellers Have Asked...

Georgioupolis, Crete

Athens, Crete & Santorini - Bonjour, I am interested in travelling to Greece with my partner for a short trip on our way to Israel. We will be in Athens on October 24 and would like to spend a few days on the islands...

16 Days Walking & Beaches - Hi,  we plan to visit Crete for 2 weeks, We have booked first 3 nights in the Doge hotel in Chania old town; that is all so far...

12 Days to see Crete - Thank you so much for creating this web site, it is so much better than the travel books. You already helped me a lot with your suggestions ...

Heraklion, Knossos, Samaria and Elafonisi - Hello, firstly can I say how much I love your website! It is so useful and full of great information, while it also shines with how much you guys love Crete!

Honeymoon in Crete - Hello, my fiance and I will be honeymooning in Crete and will be spending 5 nights in Crete. We will probably fly into Chania and I was looking for suggestions of where to stay?

Island Hopping - How do we make sure we fit in Crete and Santorini into our dates?

Four Villages -  We want to stay in homes inside a village. Not separated from a village. We want to see village life. So we don't want an isolated home for our accommodation.

Crete, Santorini and Samaria - Hi, I'm planning a return trip to Crete with my family. 2 adults, 2 teenagers. My daughter would like to hike the Samarian Gorge again, and I would like to spend a day or two on 

Santorini and 10 days in Crete - Hi, your website is great and I loved reading your itinerary suggestions for other travellers. My husband and I will be spending 5 days on Santorini 

Kerames to Kato Zakros - Hi, I like your very useful website. I would be grateful for some advice. My husband and I are flying in to Heraklion, hiring a car, and hope to stay for a week in the Kerames / Plakias area, and then ... what?

Samaria and the West - Hi, your willingness to help travellers to Crete is very appreciated. This is one of the most difficult destinations I've tried to plan because it all looks so interesting and wonderful.

Beautiful Old Towns, Scenery & Horseriding - Hello, my husband and I are planning to spend 4-5 nights on Crete, and then head to Santorini for 3-4 nights.

Santorini, Athens & Crete - Hi, my husband and I will visit Greece, travel to Crete, Santorini and Athens next September. We will arrive in Heraklion on Sept. 21 in the evening 

Crete Family Holiday - Hi, what a great site! My family is travelling to Crete from August 24th - September 6th. We are thinking to spend the 25th in Athens and take an over night 

From Chania to Knossos - a 7 day itinerary for a family to see the western and eastern tips of Crete, what a great adventure as a self-drive holiday.

From Kythira to Elafonisos Island then back to Kythira and on to Crete...  we would like to fly from London to Athens then to Kythira, and make our way to Elafonisos Island near the Peloponnese for 6 nights, can you tell us about the ferry to Crete Greece...

10 Days Solo by Bus... for this traveller from Australia, a self-confessed water lover, we focus on beaches from the west to the east of Crete and getting around by regional buses.

Crete, Santorini & Athens... for travel in October, in and out of Athens

West of Crete Greece including Elafonisi... for travel by bus from Heraklion to western Crete to see Samaria Gorge, travel by ferry on the south coast of Crete and see the natural Elafonisi Beach

12 Days East and West... car travel and two different 'bases' allow this traveller to make  self-drive day trips to see a very long list of wishes all over the island...

Heraklion, Matala, Rethymnon and Chania by car... see the unique beaches at Matala, steeped in history, see the hinterland of Rethymon, and the pretty Venetian town, then explore Chania Old Town and the stunning White Mountains.

Matala Beach, Crete

If you still have any questions about your trip to Crete, please check our other Q&A pages first:

Crete Greece Travel Q&A

Ferries from Turkey Q&A

Kato Zakros Beach in eastern Crete

Kato Zakros Beach in eastern Crete

Vai Beach and Palm Forest in eastern Crete

Vai Beach and Palm Forest in eastern Crete

Greek Island-Hopping from Crete

Here I am in heaven at Scarpa Bar near the windmills in Mykonos"Here I am in heaven at Scarpa Bar near the windmills in Mykonos" - Katia - Chief Explorer at We Love Crete

Crete Greece - the island is connected by fast ferries to Santorini, making island-hopping in the Cycladic island group quick and easy:

Ferries also connect the lesser known island of Karpathos to the east:

A short plane ride or a longer ferry ride takes you to Rhodes, a useful gateway to the Dodecanese islands of eastern Greece:

Romantic island destinations of Crete and Rhodes, combined with Santorini and the capital Athens, feature in this romantic itinerary suggestion...

Greek Island-Hopping from Athens

From Athens visit Hydra in the Saronic Gulf by ferry, one of our favourites and one of the prettiest harbour villages in Greece, with no cars or motorised transport and tiny, skinny little laneways, this port takes you back in time, and the island has many sparkling beaches:

Hydra beachesVlychos Beach on Hydra island

Getting to Crete

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