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Kriti Greece

Trip Planning

Kriti Greece - many people ask us their holiday questions about Crete and we are more than happy to help...

Kriti Greece -Heraklion and Samaria then to Santorini

Hi - I'm planning a return trip to Crete with my family. 2 adults, 2 teenagers. My daughter would like to hike the Samarian Gorge again, and I would like to spend a day or two on Santorini. We have already bought flight tix from Riga to Heraklion, and have rented a car.

We'd like to spend some time living very budget consciously, and then spend 5 days to a week in a more upscale environment or in a villa, though in Santorini a hotel would be great. How would you structure this trip? Our dates are June 5 to June 18.

Banuta from Latvia

Kriti Greece - Hi Banuta, what a lovely holiday you have planned. We are more than happy to offer some Crete info below.

We suggest you stay within the centre of the island so as to make it easy, especially as you will need to depart from the port of Heraklion to Santorini. In our itinerary below we have put the visit to Santorini at the end of your stay in Crete, but of course you could travel to Santorini whenever you would prefer.

Depending on your arrival/departure time into Heraklion airport we have provided an accommodation option close to the airport (yet still in a beautiful village) which is handy when first arriving or on the night before departure.

We have placed links below, which are also some suggestions of day trips from both locations, including Samaria Gorge.

Crete Info - Red Beach Way from Matala Beach (image by Ana C)

Your Holiday in Kriti Greece

Κρήτη, Kríti - an personalised itinerary for your family

  • Days 1-6 – Budget accom - Nikos Hotel in Matala
  • Days 7-11 – beachside at Out of the Blue Resort in Agia Pelagia Village
  • Days 12-14 – Santorini – Mystique Hotel in Oia

Day One - 5 June
Arrive Heraklion airport, pick up your hire car
Stay Option One – 18 km from airport - Arhontiko Studios, Arhanes Village
Stay Option Two – 75 km from airport – Nikos Hotel, Matala Beach

Day Two - 6 June
Stay Matala Beach – Nikos Hotel
Relaxing at beach

Day Three - 7 June
Stay Matala Beach – Nikos Hotel
Relaxing at beach

Day Four - 8 June
Stay Matala Beach – Nikos Hotel
Relaxing at beach

Day Five - 9 June
Stay Matala Beach – Nikos Hotel
Relaxing at beach

Day Six - 10 June
Stay Matala Beach – Nikos Hotel
Relaxing at beach

Day Seven - 11 June
Drive approx 70-80 km 
Stay at 'Out of the Blue' Resort, Agia Pelagia
20 km from Heraklion

Day Eight - Sun 12 June
Stay at 'Out of the Blue' Resort, Agia Pelagia

Day Nine - 13 June
Stay at 'Out of the Blue' Resort, Agia Pelagia

Day Ten - 14 June
Stay at 'Out of the Blue Resort', Agia Pelagia

Day Eleven - 15 June
Drop off hire car at Heraklion port
Take the fast ferry to Santorini - 2 hours
Stay at the Mystique Hotel, Oia, Santorini

Day Twelve - 16 June
Stay at the Mystique Hotel, Oia, Santorini

Day Thirteen - 17 June
Depending on time of flight, take fast ferry back to Heraklion
Option One - Stay Mystique Hotel, Oia, Santorini
Option Two - Stay Arhontiko Studios, Arhanes Village
Ready for early departure on flight

Day Fourteen - 18 June
Taxi to Heraklion airport

Kriti Greece
Information Pages

Heraklion port - CreteHeraklion port - Kriti

Here are the information pages for the various locations suggested in your itinerary

Close to Matala are the following, all perfect for day trips:

When staying in the north of Heraklion your daughter can take the day or two day trip to Samaria Gorge, and your group can take day trips to the palace of Knossos, and perhaps Fodele:

Here you can find more information on the various hotels suggested in Crete, with a cheaper hotel also suggested for Santorini:

Handy links for taxi and ferry:

Your Accommodation

Arhontiko Studios in Archanes Village
Arhontiko in Archanes Village, Crete
Archontiko Studio - Archanes
Arhanes Village Crete Plateia

The village of Arhanes is located just 14 km from Heraklion town and 7 km from Knossos. Surrounded by fields of low vines, there are many quality vineyards to visit, not to mention the historic sites such as Festos and Malia within Heraklion region alone. The location is central to the whole island of Kriti.

The traditional 19th century mansion in the centre of the village of Archanes, dating from 1893, has been lovingly restored and created into the Arhontiko Αρχοντικό studios for guests, with every detail of the restoration attended to, from the stone work to the furniture and decoration. The result is spectacular, comfortable, authentic and cosy.
Arhontiko Studios - interior

To Αρχοντικό, directly translating to 'The Mansion' is a stately and grand residence, yet far from pretentious. This stunning old home takes us back to a time of both beauty and simplicity, where you feel time stretches out and life feels less complicated. The Mansion is stunningly decorated with genuine traditional decorations and furniture.

The attention to detail and the quality and taste of the interiors and exteriors is remarkable. The deep history of this building embraces and protects visitors while they rest and enjoy the beautiful town of Arhanes. For a truly special stay you will be glad to have stepped beyond the threshold of the Arhontiko and stayed a while. Ela, your tsikoudia is poured and waiting for you.

There are just two studios housing up to 4 guests each, in this building that was a former house, and home to rebel armies and now a declared "Protected Traditional Building". This village and this studio really are treasures that make us proud to be Cretan.

Nikos Hotel in Matala Beach
Backpack clipart blue white

The leafy and shady Nikos Hotel  is family-run, close to the beach and all tavernas and restaurants, kept spotless and the staff are helpful and friendly. A good affordable option in Matala.

Out of the Blue Resort, Agia Pelagia
Out of the Blue Resort Beach

This resort offers privacy, style and luxury with stunning views over the Med in a lush garden setting.

Offering health retreats with full detox programs, spa, massage, the Dukan diet and a variety of experiences to choose from, with 9 restaurants, 3 bars, 5 pools and access to its own private beach.

The beautiful, leafy, green, luxury Out of the Blue Resort in Agia Pelagia Crete.

Mystique Boutique Hotel, Santorini

In Oia is the beautiful Mystique Resort.

A whitewashed hotel with completely modern approach to the age-old sensual experience of the Cyclades; dazzling white simplicity against the overwhelming blue panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

A place to simply breathe and be.

Getting Here

Take a 1 hour flight from Athens to Heraklion with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air, with many flights available per day.

Or take a 9.5 hour overnight ferry from Pireaus port of Athens to Heraklion port.

More on flights and ferries below.

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We trust you have enjoyed these tips from the We Love Crete team. Evíva!

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