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Looking for a local guide to the most interesting corners of Crete?

Crete Tours – here we show some of the most exciting locations in Crete, organised into exhilarating day packages. just don’t want to do all the driving yourself. in most of these tours, it is impossible to drive as there are boat and ferry trips involved. just want to relax on holiday and have an expert local tell you the history and stories.

Welcome to some of the most fascinating corners of Kriti, for a day full of surprises and creating great memories...

Crete Tours
Full Day Tour to Samaria

Crete Tours - Samaria Gorge (image by Atli Hardarson)

Visit Samaria Gorge - the prized national forest of Crete which is known as the longest and most beautiful gorge in Europe. Begin the 11 mile (16 kilometre) walk at the Omalos Plateau, cross the White Mountains and finish at the village of Agia Roumeli, located on the south coast. Take a boat from Agia Roumeli to the village of Chora Sfakion and a bus back to your accommodation.

Available from most locations in Crete, early start and late finish.

NB: This tour is seasonal and operates from May to October only.

Samaria Gorge Walk - Experience it with a local guide from Chania

Details and bookings for Samaria Gorge Small Group Walking Tour Departing Chania

This tour is 13 hours with your own dedicated local guide. Take food, water and money for a ticket. This walk needs good walking shoes. There are big boulders and rocks along the river bed.

Samaria Gorge Walk - Experience it with a local guide from Heraklion

Details and bookings for Samaria Gorge Day Tour Departing Heraklion

The rocky steep-sided gorge is spectacular and nature is at its best. Look out for Kri Kri goats and vultures, walk across the heart of Crete.

Crete Tours
Ancient Palace of Knossos

Crete Tours - make the most of your visit to the most important historic site on the island - Knossos Minoan Palace - by hiring a guide or booking one of the tours below. Get a full interpretation of this fascinating site.

Minoan Palace of Knossos (image by Phileole)

The Ancient Palace of Knossos - If you're visiting Chania, Rethymnon or Heraklion or any points in between, you must take a tour of the ancient Palace of Knossos - where the legend of the labyrinth originated as far back as 2000 BC.

A local guide will help you to enjoy the vast palace and immense Minoan history, as well as the controversial 'renovations' made by the archaeologists in the early 1900s. 

Knossos Ruins (image by Phileole)

Skip the Line entry to Knossos Palace and 90 minute guided interpretation of this important historic site

Skip the Line Entry Ticket to Knossos

Skip the Line entry to Knossos Palace and 90 minute guided interpretation of this important Minoan historic site.

Details and bookings for Knossos Full Day Tour

This 5.5 hour tour gives you a fully guided tour of Knossos Palace and a visit to the Heraklion Archaeologica Museum with pick ups and drop offs at your hotel.

Full Day Tour to Spinalonga Island

Spinalonga Island

Crete Tours - from the pretty village of Elounda, reached by travelling the northern coastal route, take a boat to the island of Spinalonga. This former leper colony includes preserved houses and churches, and a strong Venetian influence in the form of a fortress surrounding the village. Swim in the crystal blue water before enjoying a BBQ lunch.

Details and bookings for Spinalonga Island Day Tour

Balos Lagoon

From Chania in the west of Crete you can visit this exquisite lagoon and its rocky islets...miles from anywhere with the wind in your hair.

These crystal clear waters are best accessed by the local boat which will stay for plenty of time to allow you to enjoy this slice of Cretan paradise.

Gramvousa Islet and Balos Lagoon (image by Thinkscape)

Details and bookings for Balos Lagoon Day Tour

Chrissi Island

Chrissi Island in south-eastern Crete

From Agios Nikolaos or Ierapetra in the east of Crete, visit this paradise island for the day.

The only way to get here is by boat, it is a remote uninhabited island with bright white sands and clear waters resulting in perfect turquoise seas.

Take time out from the mundane and laze about the beach without a care in the world.

NB: This tour is seasonal and operates from May to October only.

Chrissi Island Tour details and bookings here...

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