Elafonisos to Kythera to Crete

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Simos Beach, ElafonisosSimos Beach on Elafonisos Island - in the southern Peloponnese

Question & Answer - Crete Travel Q&A

Elafonisos to Kythera to Crete - we gladly answer our visitor's queries about traveling to Greece. Here is a question from Subra, United Kingdom.

The letter Q for question

Elafonisos to Kythera to Crete - can you please make suggestions on the following itinerary for us:

  • Departing 3rd or 4th September
  • Flight from London, any airport, preferably Stansted, to Kythera island
  • Transfer to Elafonisos Island near Kythera. Perhaps we will have to fly from London to Athens then Athens to Kythera?
  • We would like 7 nights in a beach front villa or room with un-interrupted sea-view, very close to a sandy beach
  • On 10 Sep - Kythera to Crete - is there are any ferry?
  • Visiting Crete then departing from Heraklion International Airport to London

Thanking you,


Kapsali KytheraKapsali in Kythera, Greece

Elafonisos to Kythera to Crete
Trip Summary

The letter A for answer

Yiasas Subra, what a wonderful holiday you have planned!

We have suggested an itinerary below that will suit your plans for Elafonisos to Kythera to Crete. We have found a great place with a sea view on Elafonisos for you and all the information about the ferries is below. We are not sure how many nights you wanted to stay in Crete but have made an itinerary with some of the highlights in the west of the island.

Timetables and booking facilities for this itinerary are not yet available. We advise you to book as early as possible. We are not a travel agent, we are simply a family who love Crete & Greece, and suggest some services below.

A Note About Ferries
Often the timetables are not published on the web until just before the season. This makes planning tricky, because on some routes, the ferry might run only once or twice a week, on specific days of the week. In the summer months of July and August, the ferries are frequent, however in the shoulder season of September they are more likely to be infrequent. The best way to get around this is to phone the ferry company directly and enquire about your specific dates.

Itinerary Overview

  • Fly London to Athens with any airline
  • Fly Athens to Kythira with Olympic Air
  • Take the ferry from Diakofti in Kythira to Neapoli Port
  • Take a short taxi ride from Neapoli to Vigklafia - Pounta 14 km
  • Take the local ferry from Vingliafa - Pounta to Elafonisos Island
  • Stay on beautiful Elafonisos Island 6 nights
  • Flight to Chania in Crete
  • Upon arrival at Chania in western Crete, pick up a hire car
  • Drive and stay in various places in Crete, making your way to Heraklion in the centre of the island.
  • Depart Heraklion Airport, fly directly to London

Waterfall in Kythera, GreeceNeraida Waterfall in Kythera

Personalised Itinerary

Here is your Day by Day itinerary suggestion

Day One - 3 Sep
Fly London to Athens
Connect at Airport
Fly Athens ATH to Kythira KIT - duration 50 minutes
Taxi Kythira Airport to your accommodation 13 km
Stay Avlemonas
Stay at Apartment Anemes

Day Two - 4 Sep
Take a taxi from Avlemonas to Diakofti 9 km
The ferry boat Porfyrousa sails from Diakofti in Kythira to Neapoli on the mainland. In September there is 1 departure per day, six days per week, the crossing duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Take a local taxi from Neapoli to Vigklafia - Pounta 14 km
Take a small ferry from Pounta to Elafonisos, the earliest departs at 8.30am and the latest is 11.30pm, the journey takes 9 minutes. 

Stay at Pallas Pension near the village of Elafonisos, with lovely sea views and near a beach
Or stay at Domatia Me Thea at Simos Beach – total sea views and relaxation in the south of the island

Day Three - 5 Sep
Stay on the island – relax and enjoy the beaches
Stay Pallas Pension or Domatia Me Thea

Day Four – 6 Sep
Stay on the island – relax and enjoy the beaches
Stay Pallas Pension or Domatia Me Thea

Day Five – 7 Sep
Stay on the island – relax and enjoy the beaches
Stay Pallas Pension or Domatia Me Thea

Day Six – 8 Sep
Stay on the island – relax and enjoy the beaches
Stay Pallas Pension or Domatia Me Thea

Day Seven - 9 Sep
Stay on the island - relax and enjoy the beaches
Stay Pallas Pension or Domatia Me Thea

Elia Traditional Guesthouse

Day Eight - 10 Sep
Depart the island
Return to Neapoli
Arrive Chania in western Crete
Pick up hire car
Stay near Ano Vouves Villas
Stay at Elia Traditional Guesthouse

Day Nine
- 11 Sep
Touring in Crete
Visit the Olive Tree Museum near Ano Vouves
Stay in Chania Old Town
Stay at Villa Venezia

Day Ten - 12 Sep
Touring in Crete
Self-drive to Elafonisi Beach or Balos Lagoon
Or a day tour to walk the Samaria Gorge
Stay in Chania Old Town
Stay at Villa Venezia

Day Eleven - 13 Sep
Touring in Crete
Perhaps visit organic farm ‘Agreco’
Stay in Rethymnon Old Town
Stay at Veneto Suites

Day Twelve - 14 Sep
Touring in Crete - making your way eastwards
Stay in Archanes Village
Stay at Villa Arhontiko

Day Thirteen - 15 Sep
Visit Knossos Palace
Visit Heraklion Museum
Stay in Heraklion or Archanes Village
Stay at Villa Arhontiko or Hotel Lato

Day Fourteen - 16 Sep
Drop off your hire car at the Heraklion airport
Depart Heraklion flight direct to London

Elafonisos is  very small island, just 19 km square. We would recommend half your time at Simos-Saracenico Beach and half your time in the village, exploring other beaches, so as to enjoy some variety in Elafonisos.

Kythira is a larger island and there is lots to explore, consider taking a couple of nights out of this itinerary to stay there. See the beautiful blue caves, the Neraida waterfall and discover the Venetian and pirate history.

The above itinerary  can also be achieved using taxis, transfers and public transport in Crete. It is not necessary to hire a car. Although it is preferable as there is so much to explore in Crete.

The village of Chora on KytheraThe village of Chora on Kythera

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Avlemonas Beach KytheraStay in the beautiful rocky bay of Avlemonas in Kythera

Enjoy the walk of Samaria Gorge (image by Atli Hardarson)Enjoy the walk of Samaria Gorge

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