Crete to Kythera

Crete to Kythera - Kombonada Beach (image by Pavlos Pavlidis)

Travelling from Crete to Kythera ~ Κυθηρα, a small island off the southern Peloponnese in Greece, just 30 km long and 18 km wide.

About Kythera

The island sits opposite the port of Neapolis and between the mainland and the larger island of Crete in the south. Between Kythera and Crete is the tiny island of AntiKythera.

Diakofti Port (image by Anestis Georgiadis)

The ferry port is at Diakofti (above), on the south-east coast, and the leisure port for yachts is at Agia Pelagia in the east. The capital of the island is Chora Χωρα (below), in the south of the island, while the largest town is Potamos in the central north.

The town of Chora (image by Nikos Roussos)Chora Χωρα - Kythira

The island has over 60 towns and villages with a total population of 3500, however Kythierans have migrated all over the world and have a large diaspora. In Australia alone are 60,000 Kythierans and those of Kythieran descent.

Kapsali Kythera (image by Nikos Roussos)

Kapsali (above) is a small coastal village located in the south of the island, its picturesque bays and beaches beckoning travellers.

The island has steep, rocky cliffs and is sometimes isolated in winter due to bad weather conditions, there is a small airport. The rocky coves provide many beautiful beaches, some of which are inaccessible by land and remain untouched.

Inland a diverse geography includes rocky gorges and lush forests with waterfalls. Tourism and agriculture are the main occupations on the island.

To See on the Island

The beaches in Kythera are beautiful, many are isolated and only reached by water. See Agia Pelagia Beach, Agios Nikolaos Bay, Avlemonas Beach, Kaki Lagada Beach, Kapsalaki Beach, Kapsali Beach, Pisso Gialos Beach, Platia Amos Beach, and Kombonada Beach.

Neraida Falls (image by Kostas Limitsios)

Neraida Waterfall
The beautiful Neraida Nymph Waterfall is near the village of Milopotamos in the west of the island.

Xitra Cave, (image by Dina Panou)

Xitra Island (right) is a small island just off the shore outside the Kythera-Chora natural port. It is a small hidden treasure which you can approach by boat and take a dive throught its amaxing underwater caves.

Kytherians in the Diaspora

Kytherian communities are dotted all over the world. As early as 1922, in Sydney, Australia, a Kythierian association was formed. The fascinating history of this group and the current events can be found at:

In the USA, the Kytherian Society of California was formed in Oakland in 1950 for 'the purpose of promoting the interests of citizens and residents of the USA originating from the island of Kythera'.

Getting from Crete to Kythera

Ferry from Gythion (mainland) to Kythira Island

Check schedules and book tickets for Kythira ferries...

Ferry Crete to Kythera

From Crete the ferry for Kythera departs from Kastelli-Kissamos in the west of Crete. There are regular ferries and the ferry goes via Antikythera, the trip takes about 4-5 hours. Always check timetables with LANE Lines. See website below. If the route timetable is not published for the time of year you are planning for, phone the office of LANE Lines.

Blue and white ferry icon

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Other Ferries

In Kythera the ferry port at Diakofti is connected to Gythion and Neapolis in the Peloponnese, Pireaus the port of Athens as well as the island of Antikythera and the port of Kastelli-Kissamos in western Crete.

LANE Lines runs ferries across these routes. Timetables are published on the web, but sometimes not till the last minute. It is better to phone them and check:

The most common way to get to Kythera is from nearby Neapolis on the mainland. The Ferryboat Porfyroussa travels this route throughout the year.

In summer hydrofoils called flying dolphins come to Kythera from Athens.


To get to Neapolis from Athens take the local KTEL bus line, which takes about 7 hours.


Olympic Airlines has regular flights into Kythera from Athens which take only 45 minutes and cost around €82.

Aegean Airlines also has regular flights to Kythira from Athens which take around 45 minutes and cost anywhere from €42-€80.

Sky Express may fly in summer season from Crete to Kythera, from Heraklion, the flight takes one hour and costs around €55.

Private charters can be arranged through Blue Star Jets, Execujet, Interjet or Elite Jets.

Vivisail Yacht for charter to KytheraVivisail Yacht for charter to Kythera

Crete to Kythera - Yachts

Yacht charters can be arranged through Ionian Charter, Vivisail, Aegean Yachting or East Med Yachting Partners.

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