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Greek Cats

Here we share some of the most beautiful images of Greek cats.

The feline friends are all over Greece just waiting to snap up a tidbit under the taverna table or find a shady spot to snooze all day...its a cat's life.

The cats of Greece usually steal a few hearts of visitors who cannot help but rescue them or at least feed them a little...just a little.

Cats in Greece are independent and free, many are looked after by the community.

Curious Kittens by Andrew and Annemarie
Curious Kittens by Andrew and Annemarie

Stray Kitten by Neal Fowler
Stray Kitten by Neal Fowler

Ginger Cat by Karol m
Ginger Cat by Karol m

Santorini Cat by Didier Baertschiger
Santorini Kitten by Didier Baertschiger

Rocky the Santorini Cat by Klearchos Kapoutsis
Rocky the Santorini Cat by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Greek Cats

The interesting thing about cats in Greece is that they speak Greek. So if you want to get their attention you need to practise your Greek...psipsina...psip psip...that will usually get their attention!

Ginger Kitten
Ginger kitten by Kevin

Looking at the sea, Crete by P. León
Looking at the sea, Crete by P. León

Cats in Mykonos, Greece by lo.tangelini
Mykonos Chora - a spot in the shade by lo.tangelini

Ginger Cat, Mykonos by Travelling Runes
Ginger Friend, Mykonos Old Town by Travelling Runes

Cats in Kos by andsbands
Cats in Kos by andsbands

Ginger Boy, Crete
Ginger Boy on the beach at Kokkinos Pirgos, Crete

Yiasou! Cat in Karpathos by Green Manalishi
Yiasou! Cat on Karpathos Island by Green Manalishi

Kitten in Karpathos
Kitten finding fish in Karpathos Island

Cats sleeping in the square, Mykonos
Cats sleeping in the square, Mykonos Chora

Cat in Plaka, Athens
Cat in Plaka, Athens

Cat under a taverna table (image by Luigi Rosa)
Cat under taverna table, Crete

Greek Cat Amorgos

A cat relaxing in the shade on Amorgos Island, Greece.

Greek cat Oia

A cat posing for photographers in the village of Oia in Santorini, Greece.

Cat Oia Santorini

The quintessential cat photograph from Oia on Santorini Island.

Cat Hydra

On the island of Hydra, there are no cars or vehicles, so you will find historic homes, peace and quiet and narrow shady lane ways. Its a cat's life. Much safer than many other islands where cars or motos can disturb the cats' peace.

Cat Panormos

Time for a short nap before getting back to that painting job, Crete.

Kitten on my knee, Azolimnos, Syros
Kitten on my knee in the taverna, Azolimnos, Syros

Zefiros Taverna, Azolimnos Syros

This kitten above was making a home at the Zefiros Taverna, (above) next to Azolimnos Beach on Syros. Looking right over the beach, serving traditional Greek food and seafood, this is a wonderful place to dine in Syros. Don't mind the little furry friend...the service is wonderful here and the food always fresh and tasty. Vasiliki will look after you.

Kokkinos Pirgos Taverna tables in shade

Enjoy a fresh seafood meal with your feet in the sand at the Kokkinos Pirgos Fish Taverna on the beach front a Kokkinos Pirgos village in southern Crete, and enjoy the company of the cheeky cats here too. Just about as fresh as you can get and beautiful shade drossia under the tamarisk trees.

Greek cat in Lindos

Even at the most beautiful part of Lindos on the island of Rhodes - the Acropolis - you will find plenty of pussy cats. They live there, and most of them do very well, thank you very much.

(Image by Poldy Bloom)

Greek cat at Lindos

This one has a beautiful view from the acropolis of Lindos back down to the bay of Lindos. Life is sweet.

Greek cats tsipouro

New Year's day in Lindos - a bunch of friendly Greek cats and a bottle of home-made tsipouro - well... it doesn't get much better than that!


Of course, there are many different approaches to the cats of Greece. Locals and tourists and those coming to live in Greece always have some different philosophies.

Some people call them 'strays'.  They can't perceive of a wild cat with no human home. Some call them village cats. There are many, many cat rescue organisations in Greece, just a few are mentioned below. There is also the issue of neutering. So the conversation goes on. It requires patience and understanding.

What would the cats tell us, if they could speak?

If you love the cheeky and beautiful cats of Greece and have some images to share, please contact us on this contact form.

Greek Cats - Books

Enjoy these beautiful compilations of cat photography in the Greek Islands.

The Complete Cats in the Sun by Hans Silvester, 2000

The Cats of the Greek Islands by Hans Silvester, 1995.

He was obviously born to love cats! Beautiful images combining the love of the Greek Islands and the love of cats.

More Cats of the Greek Islands by Hans Silvester, 1996.

Asleep in the Sun by Hans Silvester, 1997

The Complete Cats in the Sun, by Hans Silvester, 2000

This beautiful book combines Cats in the Sun, Asleep in the Sun and Mediterranean Cats and is the perfect gift for cat lovers everywhere.

Cat Rescue

Cats Pyjamas Logo

The Cats Pyjamas Rescue - a cat charity in Crete, support local cats and cat colonies with food, medicine, veterinary care and assist in the coordination of neutering programs. They also deliver education in animal care and liaise with other organisations worldwide to foster and re-home abandoned cats and kittens.

Located in Apokoronas - Chania

Santorini Cats Logo

Santorini Cats - a cat rescue and neutering charity whose program includes three measures to reduce the plight of ill, homeless cats:

  • Water
  • Feeding Points
  • Sterilisation

Located in Santorini

Nine Lives Greece Logo

Nine Lives Greece - network of volunteers dedicated to the reduction of the stray cat overpopulation through trap-neuter-return programs. Adopt a cat through this network or buy a calendar to support their work.

Located in Athens.

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