Map of Crete Greece

Crete Hotels, Ports, Airports & More...

Location of Crete in Greece

Map of Crete Greece - we have created many interactive maps here for your information. See below

On the island, a place to find a good range of maps is Taxidiotiko Bibliopolio Mystis Road ~ Travel Bookstore on Handakos 29 in Iraklion (you just walk down between the trees from the Liondaria). You can find road maps, walking maps and hiking maps with good detail. Here is also a good map of Iraklion town.

·         More information on Crete maps here...

·         Good old-fashioned hard copy maps may be ordered here

Map of Crete Greece

Maps for major towns, hospitals, ports, airports, accommodation, beaches and archaeological sites can be found below. The maps are interactive and many have markers which provide more details.

Major Towns, Ports & Airports

Below is a map of Crete with ports and airports marked:

Red cross medical icon


Below is a map of Crete with the major hospitals marked.

The word for hospital in Greek is nosokomeio νοσοκομείο

This is Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon

Our Beautiful Beaches...

Below is a Crete map showing many of our lovely beaches:

Our Cosmopolitan Towns...

Below is a map of Crete with the major towns marked:

·         Chania Town - in the north-west

·         Rethymnon Town - in the central west

·         Heraklion Town - in the centre of the north coast

·         Agios Nikolaos - in the east

Stay by the beach...

Below you will find wonderful beach accommodation by location in Crete.

Just walking distance to the beach in Crete...

This is Pension Eva in the old town of Chania

Stay within the Old Walls...

Below is accommodation in the old town of Chania:

See our guesthouse choices here...

Rethymnon Old Town...

In the old town of Rethymnon we suggest these beautiful guesthouses.

Explore more details of these wonderful Rethymnon options here...

Heraklion Accommodation...

We suggest central hotels in Heraklion town, choose by location on this map.

See more information here about central city hotels in Heraklion...

Agios Nikolaos...

In Agios Nikolaos we suggest these wonderful central hotels - choose by location on this map.

More about these hotels...

Luxury accommodation - night time on the balcony at Classical Spa Suites, Rethymnon

Luxury by Location...

Here is luxury accommodation Crete:

Choose from beautiful spa resorts all over the island...

Old Mill, Rethymnon, Crete


Beautiful cottages and guesthouses in Crete in rural areas and villages.

A Private Villa...

Private and comfortable villas in Crete are shown below.

More information here about villa rental in Crete...

This is Malia Crete - a reconstructed pithoi vase

Explore Our History...

The major archaeological sites are marked on the map below:

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