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The Old Harbour - ChaniaChania harbourside

Crete for Travellers... We Love Crete and Greece, and we love journeying around Crete. Here we share some unique and traditional Cretan activities and information for you to explore and enjoy Kriti.

Culinary Heritage - Foraging Tours

Enjoy the local food and knowledge at Castello Taverna in Rethymnon, take a foraging tour to learn more about the traditional ways of eating and living off the land in Crete.

More information about 8 Day Foraging Tour - Crete

  • Knowledgeable and multilingual guides
  • Learn how to forage wild herbs and vegetables
  • Make olive oil, local wine, raki, and cheese at the host farm
  • Visit to the ancient archeological sites
  • Daily breakfast and four days of lunch included
  • Accommodation 7 nights included

Let Vassilis, Andy and Jurgen show you the real meaning of Cretan hospitality and impart the traditions of this land. Depending on the season, you will be picking edible wild asparagus, celery, thistles, flowers, oregano, thyme, mint, figs, blackberries, and many other fruits and herbs for tea.

Olive Picking

This 8 Day Olive Harvest Retreat in Crete - puts you right at the centre of the customs and culinary experiences of the island. Visit two different olive farms with a local agricultural and historical guide. See the traditional, timeless and organic ways of growing and preparing food.

Assist with the harvest then enjoy a long lunch in the olive groves, visit ancient sites with an archaeologist, absorb the life of Crete first-hand, enjoying cooking classes and picking your own food.

Local Handmade Glass

Tarrha Glass -beautiful set of carafe and glassesA handmade decanter with glasses and the traditional Cretan dish of snails

Tarrha Glass...stunning local glass. A hot glass workshop based in Anogia near Heraklion, Crete specializing in glass table ware, unique pieces and architectural glass. Inspiration comes from stone, wood, water and sea shells; vivid modern designs with originality result. 

Marios Chalkiadakis and Natassa Papadogamvraki have open studio days from time to time. Their glass mainia is infectious! It is best to phone before you visit this village in the hills above Heraklion.

Tarrha Glass - handmade jug, decanter, glasses and ice bucket with mezedes by the sea in CreteTarrha Glass - a handmade jug, a decanter, some glasses and an ice bucket with mezedes by the sea in Crete

Crete for Travellers

The road to Frangokastello in the south of CreteThe road to Frangokastello in the south of Crete

Our website is designed for independent travellers with information on:

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Gioma Meze Bar in Agios NikolaosWhere is this? Agios Nikolaos - looking over lake Voulismeni

We love independent travel - we love to really experience a country and a culture. So that is why we love to share our understanding of Crete with our visitors and help them plan their own personal journeys. Each journey will be different, that is the beauty of it.

Travelling is about exploring and allowing serendipity to enhance your experience, it is not about ignorance or traipsing around new countries mindless of the culture, history and ecology. Inform yourself, make a plan, then be open to the magic!

Our visitors have asked many questions about travelling in Crete over the years, here you can see their questions and our answers and many, many itineraries for exploring Crete in different ways...

Crete for Travellers

More info about Crete here...  including:

  • Agia Pelagia a lovely beachside village just 23 km from Heraklion
  • Paleochora in south-west Crete
  • Sougia - a gorgeous beach on the south coast
  • Hiking and walking trips with 'The Happy Walker'

If you have a business in Crete that we have not yet included here please contact us via our safe form. We are always happy to support local quality businesses and artists, with good information about Crete for travellers.

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