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Anogeia Crete

Psiloritis Mountain in Crete (image by Dimitris Pachakis)

Anogeia Crete - Ανώγεια - is a beautiful mountain village in the Idi ranges, located in the region of Rethymnon, just 39 km from Heraklion Town and Heraklion International Airport.

The village is famous for its independent spirit, for the strength of its mountain people, for the life of shepherds herding goats in the hills, for Cretan folk music, and for its role in the Cretan Resistance in WWII.

In the Village

Kaniski Anogeia, Crete

This large village cascades down the mountain side and sits bravely at high altitude, surrounded by snow in winter. Visitors to the Psiloritis Mountains including the peak, Mt Ida, the famous Zeus Cave or Ideion Andron and Nida Plateau will come and visit this village full of history and tradition.

Rebellion is part of the rock of this place, which has been rebuilt three times in violent wars. The harsh and independent life of the mountain shepherds and freedom fighters form the backbone of the spirit of Kriti.

More visitors are coming to the high mountains for snow sports and also to see how the mountain shepherds live and care for sheep and goats, producing local meat and cheeses from fresh mountain pastures.

In the village you will see small squares or plateias with cafes, local tavernas and local handcrafts. Here the traditional cloths and embroidery can be found, as well as sarikia, the head scarf which is part of the traditional Cretan folk dress.

The beloved and stirring folk music of Crete is also at the heart of this village which is the birthplace of adored folk musicians Nikos Xilouris and his brother Antonis Xilouris.

A visit to Nikos Xilouris House in Anogeia is a touching way to understand the heart of Kriti and her music.

Anogeia Village Crete

Life of the Mountain Shepherds

A shepherd's hut or mitato in Crete

Visit the Shepherds Hut or To Spiti tou Voskou or Σπίτι του Βοσκού in Psiloritis Natural Park to experience the way of life - still alive today - of the mountain shepherds.

  • Experience sheep milking, cheese-making, sheep-shearing or participate in the fiesta of distillation of tsikoudia or raki. Join in herb collection and traditional cooking and taste fresh local delicacies and wine.
  • See the hand-built stone shepherd's house.
  • Try the graviera, myzithra and anthotyro cheeses.
  • Hike the shepherds trails through open country and oak and maple forests.
  • Get up close with the sheep and goats.
  • The mountains are a great place to spot local flora and fauna including the eagles and vultures of the high ridges and cliffs.

It is best to have a guide to take you to the shepherd's hut as it is on an high road to the west of Zoniana, approximately 11 km west on high mountain roads to the west of Anogeia.

Contact to get in touch with an eco guide.

More information here:

Anogeia Accommodation

Anogeia plateia

Anogeia Crete - To visit for the day is feasible from Rethymnon or Heraklion, but staying in the village will give you the feel for the culture of the mountains.

Take some time out for some fresh air and good food, and get to know the real Crete.

Perahori Boutique Studios - Anogeia Crete

The Perachori Boutique Studios are located on a pretty village square in Anogeia. With beautiful aesthetics and a mix modern and traditional design, relax in your own haven yet feel part of the community in the plateia.

Arodamos Guesthouse in Crete

Arodamos Guesthouse - this family-run traditional Cretan home-away-from-home is located 14 km from Anogeia on the fresh Livadi Plateau in the foothills of Psiloritis. Here your whole family will be greeted by Yannis and Irini Tsikandilaki and treated to a real experience of Cretan farm life, with all modern comforts.

Enagron Village, Crete
Enagron Ecotourism Village, Crete

Enagron Village - Giannis and Fani have created Enagron in the village of Axós, in Rethymnon prefecture near Mt Ida, also known as Psiloritis. The essence of nature surrounds them, in the silence of the mountains.

Just 7.2 km from Anogeia, Enagron makes a wonderful stay in the mountains.

Located 48 km from Rethymnon town, and 44 km from Heraklion town, the village has played a part in the history of the island and there are many sights to visit, either on foot or by car, in the local area. The village  has been built of rock and white washed in the local style, with large wooden beam features.

Terracotta and stone interiors with natural textures playing softly on your eye, these maisonettes and studios have been built in the traditional style complete with modern facilities.

Heraklion Town

Heraklion Harbour Walls

Anogeia Crete
- If you do fly into Crete via Heraklion Airport, you may want to stay a while to enjoy the highlights of Heraklion town, which include:

  • Liondaria Fountain
  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum
  • Old Venetian Harbour and Koules Fortress
  • Agios Titos Church and Square
  • Pedestrian Shopping Streets
  • 1866 Local Market
  • Koraii Cafes and Bars
  • Memorial to Eleftherios Venizelos
  • Kournarou Square

Visit the Old Port of Heraklion, see the Venetian Fortress, the fishing fleet and the Venetian Arsenal, have coffee down by the bayVisit the Old Port of Heraklion, see the Venetian Fortress, the fishing fleet and the Venetian Arsenal, have coffee down by the bay

Exploring Heraklion Crete

Gortyna Roman ruins have a story to tellGortyna Roman ruins have a story to tell

In the region of Heraklion, there is just so much to explore:

Rethymnon Town

The old harbour of Rethymnon

Anogeia Crete - if you do approach from Rethymnon, you may wish to explore the town.

Enjoy the highlights of the Old Town of Rethymnon:

History of Anogeia Crete

The people of Anogeia have upheld a fierce independence, fighting against Ottoman and German invasions of Crete.

The harsh mountains and gorges, impenetrable to invaders, yet well known by mountain people, freedom fighters and adartes, meant Cretan forces could take flight and live to fight another day.

In 1944 German bombers destroyed the town, killing and burning in reprisal for resistance fighting activities, the Κρητική Αντίσταση.

Anogeian and mountain people helped British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers and helped them escape to Egypt.

This is known as the razing of Anogeia and monuments to the fallen are located in the centre of the village.

Anogeia Village Crete

Getting Here

Psiloritis Mountains, Crete (image by Dimitris Pachakis)

Take a 1 hour flight from Athens to Heraklion with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Airlines, with many flights available per day.

Or take a 9.5 hour overnight ferry from Pireaus port of Athens to Heraklion port.

If you arrive into the airport or port of Heraklion, it is a journey of 40 km to Anogeia.

If you pick up your hire car from Heraklion Airport, it is a very interesting drive to Knossos Palace and then through the vine regions of Archanes and then west to Anogeia for dinner and to stay.

The local bus runs regularly on the route from Heraklion to Anogeia, take the bus from Bus Station B by the town walls.

Getting here by flights, ferries and hire car below:

Car hire in Crete is a really good idea as it is a large island 60 km by 260 km. There is so much to explore.

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On the Map

See the location of Anogeia Village on the map below:


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