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Getting to Spinalonga Island

by Beth
(Sheffield, UK)

I have just read the question about getting to Spinalonga from Plaka. We will be staying in Bali and would like to visit the island next week from 4 July.

Can we get a bus from Bali to Plaka which looks to be the nearest place to Bali?

Thanks in advance.

Visit the Island of Spinalonga

Hi Beth,

Spinalonga is in the east of the island near the village of Elounda and the town of Agios Nikolaos. There is also a little fishing village on the mainland north of Elounda named Plaka.

This little village sits opposite Spinalonga and is the closest port to the island. The island can also be reached by boat from Elounda port and Agios Nikolaos port and there are day trips that leave from those harbours.

Generally you can take a day tour to Spinalonga that will pick you up at your hotel, however we are not sure that they pick up from hotels in the west of the island. We think that the nearest pickup would be Heraklion, which is 45 mins on the bus from Bali.

Day Trips to Spinalonga with Pickup and Boat Trip

To get to Spinalonga independently from Bali in Rethymnon

Bali is in the centre of the island near the town of Rethymnon. It is 120 km from Bali to Plaka, this requires two or three local buses. Take the KTEL bus from Bali to Heraklion, this trip is about 50 km, these services run every hour and the journey takes about 45 mins, cost is under €5. Check with your hotel in Bali because some of the services come into the village and some stop only on the national road which is about 1 km from the village.

From Heraklion, from the same bus stop, take the KTEL bus to Agios Nikolaos, this trip is about 60 km, cost is around €7, buses run once per hour and the trip takes 90 mins.

From here you could take a tour or take the local bus to Elounda or Plaka, about 10-15 km, cost of less than €3 and the bus takes 40 mins to Plaka.

Therefore, the trip would take at least 3 hours each way and cost around around €15 each way. When you get to Plaka, ask around and there will be plenty of people who will take you across in a small boat to the island. If you want to pre-book, contact Angelos at Spinalonga Windsurf.

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