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Solo in Crete

by Kate
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi. I love your website. It's one of the most helpful I've ever used.

I'm from Toronto, Canada and planning a one-week visit to Crete in early July. I'm travelling solo and then meeting up with friends in Paros.

I'm thinking of basing my stay in Chania. I like museums and ancient sites. How easy will it be to get to these?

Also, I keep hearing about festivals in Crete. Do you know if there would be any at that time?

Thank you.

Exploring Museums in Chania

Hi Kate,

We are so glad you enjoy the site. Yes, Crete is great for solo travel and Chania is a good base. Chania town has many wonderful museums. There are the Archaeological Museum, the Nautical Museum, the Historical Archive, Byzantine Collection and War Museum.

In town, don't forget to visit the Firkas Fortress, one can also visit the house of Venizelos, a key historic figure. Dotted about the old town of Chania you will see ancient sites such as Ancient Kydonia, and historic quarters such as Halepa and Splantzia.

In the region of Chania you can visit the ruined sites of ancient towns such as Falasarna, Aptera, Lissos and Polyrrinia.

On the south coast of Chania lie the ruins of a fortress on the beach named Frangokastello that is said to be haunted.

More info about Chania Town here...

More info about Chania region...

Chania town is in the north-west and many other ancient sites are in the centre of the island so you may wish to consider one or two nights in the centre, perhaps based in Heraklion town.

The famous site of Knossos is in the central north of the island (5 km south of Heraklion town), and Phaistos and Gortys are in the central south of the island. Also Malia Palace is in the central north. Some of the sites are included in day tours which make them easy to access without a vehicle. It is easy to get to Knossos on the local bus.

See our map showing major archaeological sites here

More information here:

Heraklion Town

More about the Heraklion region...

Day Tours to Knossos Palace - half day or full day info here...




Malia Palace

...and yes there are many summer festivals in Crete...most of them start in July but some have events across the month of June.

Check here for updates Chania Summer Festival

Matala has a beach music festival:

Matala Festival each June

Heraklion also has a festival check here for updates

Have a great trip! Bon Voyage! Kalo Taxidi!

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