From Cappadocia to Crete

by Maria

What is the quickest, cheapest way to get from Cappadocia, Turkey, to Crete?

I looked at flights, and they are each at least $500 and 14 hours with two stops -- I'm hoping there's a better option.

From Turkey to Crete

Overall, it depends whether you want to explore and enjoy the regions, towns and islands you will visit or if you want to just quickly get from Cappadocia to Crete. There are many ways to take this journey, you have quite a few options.

• flights

• flight and ferries

• buses and ferries

The Flight Option
• Nevsehir to Istanbul (duration 1 hour 20 mins) then Istanbul to Heraklion, Crete (4 and a half hours via Athens). Total trip time 5-6 hours, with connetions. Cost around 150 Euro.

The Flight & Ferry Options

• Kayseri to Izmir (duration 1 hour 30 mins) then Izmir to Bodrum by bus (duration 4 hours 15 mins), then Bodrum to Kos by ferry (1 hour), then a ferry to Santorini (duration 5 hours) then a ferry to Crete (duration 2 hours). Total duration 13 hours, with many connections. Total cost around 200 Euro.

• Kayseri to Izmir (duration 1 hour 30 mins) then Izmir to Bodrum by bus (duration 4 hours 15 mins), then Bodrum to Kos by ferry (1 hour), then a ferry to Rhodes (duration 2 hours 45 mins) then a ferry to Crete (duration 13-14 hours). Total duration 23-24 hours, with many connections. Total cost around 160 Euro

The Bus & Ferry Options

• The bus journey might be one of the cheapest options, although it will take much longer. In general, if you get yourself to the Greek island of Rhodes in the Dodecanese, off the west coast of Turkey, you can get a ferry to Crete or a flight to Crete. So for example, if you travel to the Turkish town of Fethiye, you would take a taxi from Cappadocia to Avanos then a bus from Avanos to Fethiye, (duration 13 hours). Cost about 24 Euro.

• Then, you would probably want to stop off in Fethiye at a hotel and rest. You can find a really nice place for about 50 Euro near the port.

• Ferries from Fethiye to Rhodes leave daily (duration 1 hour 30 mins). Rhodes is a very beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site and town. See more about Rhodes here... with accommodation suggestions here... Budget hotels in the old town can be found for around 50 Euro. We really suggest staying within the walls of the old town, which is very close to the ferry port, anyway.

• You could then take a ferry from Rhodes to Crete with Anek Lines (duration 13-14 hours). Cost begins at deck seat for around 30 Euro.

• If you choose, you could fly via Minoan Air from Rhodes to Heraklion (duration around 1 hour), cost around 70 Euro.

So you can make up your own itinerary based on the approximations above and depending on seasonal variations and prices, and your choice of connections and stopovers. We wish you a safe and interesting journey.

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Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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