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Athens National History Museum - the Mask of Argamemnon

Getting to Athens, Greece - use airport code ATH

Big Ben Clock Tower - London (image by Victoria Peckham)

Cheap Charter Seats from British Iles to Crete

Statue of Liberty - New York (Image by Celso Flores)

Flights from New York to Greece

Evzones in Athens

Flights from Athens to Crete

Aeroplane wing and blue sky

About Heraklion Airport - code HER

Aeroplane wing and blue sky

About Chania Airport - code CHQ

Aeroplane wing and blue sky

About Sitia Airport - code JSH

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How to choose an airport for your holiday in Crete...

There is no single best way to find cheap flights to Crete. It all depends on:

  • where you come from
  • where else in Greece you want to go
  • how flexible you are with your trip planning
  • how long you plan to stay in Greece
  • and what you plan to do when you are here

We hope this section helps you to find the cheapest flights to Crete to suit your Greek travel plans.

Snapping up Cheap Flights To Crete

Flights To Chania CHQ, Crete

Flights To Heraklion HER, Crete

Athens as a Hub

Most cheap return flights to Crete go to either Chania or Heraklion, so they are the cheapest flights to Crete.

The travel distances in Crete are small, and you won’t require internal flights. You may want to connect up to other Greek islands. For most people coming from afar it is actually the best option to book a return flight to and from Athens.

Don't just assume that a cheap flight to Chania or Heraklion is your best option. You may want to see other parts of Greece, so you can use Athens as a hub. Fly into Athens and take flights between the islands. From Crete you can fly to Santorini and Rhodes, for example.

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Cheap Crete Flights - Seasons

Sitia Orchid, orchid sitiaca (image by Andreas Loukakis)

To find a cheap flights to Crete you will need to start comparing fares early. Don't place your only hope for last minute flight deals to Crete.

Here we mention some of the seasons of the year, see our page about when to visit Crete...

July and August is the main tourist season in the whole of Greece, and is the time with the most flights, including charter and discounted flights. We recommending steering clear of this season and travelling in Crete in a shoulder season, that is; spring or autumn.

April to June is spring season and technically for flights it is a shoulder season, however it can start to get really busy in June, so book ahead.

September to November is autumn season and also shoulder season. Some good fares are available, although schedules are sparser.

December to March is winter season and flight schedules are much reduced. A lot of the direct flights from Europe to Chania and Heraklion do not operate, and the flight route you will need is via Athens.

Need more detail? See our pages to help you choose when to visit Crete.

Cheap Crete Flights - Airlines

Coming from Athens

The two regular carriers from Athens to Crete are Olympic Air and Aegean Air.

Opinions are divided about both these airlines. Greeks are no longer blindly nationalistic over Olympic airlines and will choose other airlines as required. Whether booking on line or via your travel agent, sometimes you need an emergency flight. Try to phone the airlines directly to see if any tickets are still available at the last minute.

Within Greece...

Sky Express travels between many destinations and both Heraklion and Sitia in Crete. Including Athens, Kythira, Kos and Rhodes.

Coming From Australia...

Singapore Airport TransferSingapore Airport Transfer

Cheap Crete flights - all sorts of airlines and options are available to get to Crete from Australia. You can use any European city as a hub, and fly that national airline.

KLM Dutch Airlines - has some very good fares; this would mean a stopover in Amsterdam. 

Singapore Airlines - we prefer to use Singapore as a stopping point on a continuous journey. Singapore Airlines flies direct from Singapore to Athens generally three times a week. This gets us to Athens in just under 24 hours flying time.

Coming from North America...

Lake side markets in Zurich - flight via Swiss through ZurichZurich Markets

Olympic Airlines fly from Toronto, Montreal and New York to Athens. Air Canada pairs with Lufthansa to fly to Athens from Toronto via Montreal and a German city such as Munich or Frankfurt.

Fly from Toronto or Montreal to Zurich then on to Athens. Flights from Toronto and Montreal can connect up in New York with the Olympic Airlines service to Athens.

From New York there are many cheap fares to Athens.

Swiss Airlines have some very good fares with a choice of lay over in Zurich ZUR, which makes for a relaxed arrival into Europe (above).

Coming from the British Isles...

Olympic Airlines fly into Athens from London, Aegean and Ryan Air fly from Manchester to Athens. Many of the discount European carriers now fly from various points in the British Iles direct to Chania and Heraklion, especially in summer. 

Coming from Other Parts of Europe...

Olympic Airlines fly into Athens, Greece from Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Larnaca, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Malta, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Strassbourg, Stuttgart, Tirana, Torino and Vienna. 

Aegean Airlines fly into Athens, Greece from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel-Mulhouse, Bari, Belgrade, Berlin, Bologna, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Helsinki, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Pisa, Paris, Zurich and many more cities across Europe.

For cheap Crete flights we help you use the net to compare prices for many airlines, and different routes easily.

Cheap Crete Flights - How to Book

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Do an online search here for cheap Crete flights... and visit our bookings page for more travel tips...

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