Rhodes Accommodation

Historic Island in the Dodecanese

Rhodes Accommodation - we have chosen some great places to stay in Ρόδος for different budgets.

In our selections we have focused on guesthouses in the old town, because we strongly believe it is one of the most beautiful towns on the Mediterranean.The medieval town is a UNESCO World heritage site, still vibrant and alive with life. Famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, this port and township has a million stories to tell...

Ρόδος Old Town - for more information about getting to and from the island, its history, beautiful architecture, restaurants and bars.

Our accommodation suggestions are below...

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Experience the Old Town of RhodesRhodes Accommodation within the walls of the Old Town

Avalon Boutique Hotel

Avalon Boutique Hotel - exterior

The Avalon Boutique Hotel is located in the old town of Rhodes. With only six suites, it showcases the character of the medieval building with all modern conveniences. The eclectic mix of styles hints at the modern stylistic of Rhodes itself, which is a cheeky mix of all styles through the ages with a seemingly scant regard for rules.

Rather a blackbird's collection of shiny things, brick-a-brack, fabric and textures culminating in an abundant overflowing of the ages past and present.

Avalon Boutique Hotel - interior

We cannot repeat enough - how beautiful the old town of Rhodes is - and we highly recommend staying within the old town walls, as facing the modern world will seem a rude shock. To really soak up the atmosphere of the town is to stay within the walls.

The Avalon provides a luxurious and elegant experience within the cobbled streets.

Avalon Boutique Hotel is at 9 Haritos Street adjacent to the distinctive Knights Street, a skip away from the Grand Masters Palace and opposite the Spanish Inn.

More information and bookings at the Avalon Boutique Hotel…

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel in a quiet lane way in the old town

Rhodes Accommodation - located on a high point of the old town of Rhodes in a narrow lane way close to the old town walls, this architecturally designed, small guesthouse is just minutes away from the Grand Masters Palace, shops, bars, cafes and restaurants yet in a quiet lane away from the hustle and bustle.

 This is a luxury boutique hotel with only six rooms, each one different. The restoration of the building was accomplished with close collaboration of architects and archaeologists, the owners keen to restore it with the utmost integrity. The result is magnificent, and travellers rave about the design and presentation, and the exceptional service.

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel in a quiet laneway in the old town of Rhodes, Greece, beautiful haven in the hustle bustle

The decoration of the suites is part of the charm and enjoyment of visiting here, with exotic items from Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Persia and the East. The ambience reflects the mercurial, colourful crossroads at Rhodes since ancient times.

Add to that a conscious environmental management approach, from the construction materials to the body care items, and travellers experience something very special, in a family run enterprise with personal attention.

Check prices and availability at Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel...

Rhodes Accommodation
Mango Rooms

Mango Rooms, Old Town of Rhodes

A good budget option within the walls of the Old Town of Rhodes is Mango Rooms, above a cafe with internet, on the very pretty and leafy Dorieos Square.

This hotel it is good value, clean and convenient. Mango Rooms are open all year long, there is a roof top balcony with lovely views over the plaza and rooftops of the old zone, which has a story at every turn.

Mango Rooms on the right, this is Dorieos Square in the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

In the plateia is the old stone pergola and many trees, within walking distance are lots of cafes and restaurants including “The Walk Inn” with live music and home-made pizza and Pizania Taverna at 24 Sofokleous which is a seafood taverna with plenty of atmosphere, great service and yummy seafood.

A little further down is Romios Restaurant Taverna which serves good traditional Greek food, these places won’t break the budget and will provide an authentic dining experience. 

Availability and prices at Mango Rooms...


Nikos Takis Fashion Hotel

Nikos Takis Fashion Hote

Rhodes Accommodation - The Nikos Takis Fashion Hotel is at 26 Panetiou Street, just around the corner from the Grand Masters Palace and Ippoton Street. Again, this location is superb and this is a luxurious way to enjoy the old town of Rhodes.

Greek fashion designers Nikos and Takis have dressed Sofia Loren, Ornella Mutti, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Maria Callas and Nana Mouskouri among others over the years and have now turned their design talents to restoring and decorating this 19th century building in the centre of Rhodes.

Nikos Takis Fashion Hotel

What a gorgeous result, but their talent does not stop there. The real measure of a hotel is its hospitality, and here it is given in yards and yards like the fabrics lining the rooms.

For those with an eye for European haute couture fashion, it should be no surprise that these respected designers have extended their vision to include this immaculate, stunning hotel.

More images, information and availability at this hotel…

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