Best Way to Learn Greek

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At Home or in Greece

Learn to Speak Greek - graduation ceremony

What is the Best Way to Learn Greek?

So, you are visiting Greece for holidays or for work, perhaps thinking of moving want to learn the beautiful and melodious Greek language!


Face-to-Face in Greece

For face-to-face lessons in Greece you have many options.

We can enthusiastically recommend the team at Omilo Greek language school, based in Athens. They offer two-week intensive Greek language and culture sessions in various beautiful locations throughout Greece also, such as Syros, Andros and Nafplion.

See what some of the students have to say about Omilo classes:

I took a 2 week Greek  language class with Omilos on Syros island and thoroughly enjoyed it. With 4 hours of class work each day, we were able to improve our Greek, and also explore the island, the beautiful capital Ermoupolis and enjoy many, many delicious taverna meals with new friends from all around the world.

At Home

The Best Way to Learn Greek - to study the language of Greek at home you have many different options with computer-based packages using interactive tools and online options too. We have some suggestions below...

Learn Modern Greek with Rosetta Stone Learning Greek Level 1

With this level you can:
• Build vocabulary and language basics
• Speak Greek without a script
• Spell and write accurately
• Retain what you've learned
• Read and understand Greek

Learn to speak Greek with Rosetta Stone Learning Greek Level 2

With this level you can:
• Learn intermediate-level Greek conversational skills
• Spell and write accurately
• Speak Greek without a script
• Retain what you've learned
• Read and understand Greek

Rosetta Stone Learning Greek Level 3

With this level you can:
• Engage in advanced-level conversations
• Learn to share your ideas and opinions, express your feelings and talk about everyday life
• Move toward fluency in Greek

Rosetta Stone Learning Greek Level 1,2 & 3

With all three levels together:
• Build your vocabulary and Greek language abilities
• Speak Greek without a script
• Spell and write accurately
• Retain what you've learned
• Read and understand Greek
• Share ideas and opinions in Greek, express feelings and talk about everyday life

Michel Thomas Greek for Beginners

When it comes to learning Greek it is easy with this method. The Michel Thomas method eases you into the Greek language by breaking it into its component parts. You will then be able to easily form your own sentences to say what you want in Greek! Go from absolute beginner to confident speaker, without books, homework or memorizing.

The Best Way to Learn Greek

The Best Way to Learn Greek?

Or perhaps you want to learn Greek online? This is a really great way to pick up the language quickly with a tutor, an affordable class, from the privacy of your own home...before you arrive in Greece.

Greek letters

Best Way to Learn Greek In Crete

The Best Way to Learn Greek - here are your options for language and culture programs in Crete, in Chania town in the west or Heraklion town in the centre of the island. We include our suggestions of accommodation in each location. Each program will also have suggestions of where to stay during the classes.

Lexis Greek Language School Logo

The Lexis Greek Language and Culture Centre in Chania, Crete, has a variety of Greek lessons with accommodation based in the beautiful historic centre of Chania. Contact Maria Foundoulaki at the centre.

Alcanea Boutique Hotel, Chania

For a quintessential boutique hotel in Chania, look no further than the Alcanea Boutique Hotel, which is tiny, with only 8 rooms. This location directly on the old port is romantic, the rooms are beautifully crafted and decorated. The views over limani to the Veneian lighthoues are lovely and best enjoyed from the Alcanea's own wine bar. Superb!

MY Greek Seminars Logo

My Greek Seminars in Heraklion or via Skype. Learn Greek with experienced English-speaking teacher Rita Koukoulaki, of Heraklion. Choose your level and your mode of study, meet in Rita's home or yours, or via the internet.

The Veneziano Boutique Hotel in a beautifully renovated noble home is tucked in a side street, yet very central to the walking and shopping streets of central Heraklion. Enjoy a little bit of history and a whole lot of style here in this exquisite hotel

Kleis Workshop for Greek Language and Culture in Chania

Kleis Workshop for Greek Language and Culture in Chania offer private or group courses for Greek for those to whom Greek is a new language or for persons of Greek descent for whom Greek is a second lanuage. Situated in a beautiful nineteenth century villa in Amberia in Chania town.

Filomathia Language School

Filomathia Language School - the name means 'love of learning' runs classes in Chania, Crete. Eva Dimitsanti says "It all begins from experienced and qualified teachers, native speakers with great passion for their work, who stand by students as friends and guides sharing knowledge and encouraging self-confidence."

Mama Nena Charming Hotel

Mama Nena is a small hotel with three rooms, lovingly restored by the family of Mama herself. The distinct dark ochre colour can be seen across the water on the harbour front, the tall thin hotel now a prominent landmark on the Chania limani.

The hotel has views across the harbour to the lighthouse and from the north, it has views of the mountains.

Highly rated by traveller reviews and winning a travellers' choice award, the Mama Nena Charming Hotel is popular for its location right in the heart of the old town, surrounded by tavernas, cafes, studios and boutiques. It is also popular for its sheer originality and charm, design elements, great service and comfort.

Getting Here

The Best Way to Learn Greek - there are many places to learn Greek on the island of Crete. Choose Chania or Heraklion, and get here by a 1 hour flight from Athens with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air.

Ferries leave Pireaus port of Athens for Chania and Heraklion Crete daily. The crossing generally takes about 9 hours, and departures in the evening mean that you can simply sleep all the way to Crete.

More details for flights and ferries below.

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