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Kifissia Athens 

Relax in the Leafy Green North

Leafy Street KifissiaKifissia Κηφισιά is a suburb of Athens - the Greek capital

Kifissia Athens - Κηφισιά a suburb of Athens in Greece, located 20 km to the north of the city centre. It is a leafy, green, quiet area known for its up-market lifestyle and luxury homes. The main centres are on Kassaveti Street near Kifissia Square and Kolokotronis Street near Kefalouri Square.

I stayed for two weeks here in Kiffisia Athens, in a little B&B. I thoroughly enjoyed living like a local. The metro is really handy and the streets are safe and quiet, yet there are stylish evening café bars and clubs, restaurants and cinemas.


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Walk out from the station and through the lovely, spacious, leafy park to the north east, and you will find all the cafés and shops along Kassaveti street.

Kifissia is full of history, as people have lived here for centuries, enjoying the cooler air than downtown Athens. There are several beautiful neo-classical mansions and detached houses, a roman tomb and the impressive natural history museum.

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History, the Kouvoutsakis Art Institute and the Mamush Gallery should give you plenty of appetite for eating and drinking - see below - let alone permission to go shopping - also see below.

I came here to learn Greek - which  I did with Omilo - a language school based in Maroussi - which is just the next station down on the metro towards Athens. I had spent some time on Syros Island with Omilo Greek Language and Culture - they are highly recommended if you are looking to learn Greek.

Cafés and Restaurants in Kifissia

Kifissia Park Cafe

Varsos is the zacharoplasteio sweet shop on Kassaveti Street which has been open since 1892, still operating in the old style, try the casseropita cheese pie from the tapsi tray. Ask for a Greek coffee and sit outside on the street to watch the people strolling by. Kassaveti 5, Kifissia.

La Pasteria is an affordable family restaurant with a wonderfully extensive Italian menu and great busy atmosphere, right on the main street of Kassaveti. Both the pizzas and the pastas are big so share one with a friend! Fantasic service here too.

Further north in Kefalouri you will find numerous stylish restaurants on the leafy green Kefalouri Square.

Artesanal at 2 Zirini has a great atmosphere in the garden and modern vegetarian and vegan friendly menu. Chill out, enjoy good modern Greek cuisine and ambience.

Eleas Gi one of the most recognised and prestigious restaurants in Kifissia, known for its quality Greek cuisine and great views from the terrace overlooking twinkling light of Athens, is located at Olimpionikon 4 Dexamenis, Kifissia. Romantic.

Palmie Bistro is an affordable family restaurant with a lovely atmosphere overlooking Kefalouri Square, 35 Kolokotroni St.

Escoba is the coolest bar in the circle at Kefalouri Square. The mojitos are spicy and wonderful, you can sit outside, its a great place to see or be seen. The taxi rank is just opposite. 1 Patr. Maximou St, Kefalouri Square.

Shopping in Kifissia Athens

If you like boutiques, you will be in heaven. Kifissia is wall-to-wall in fashion boutiques with many internationally recognised brands such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Marks & Spencer, DNKY, Artisti Italiani, and Zara.

Also here are international brands such as L’Occitane and Accessorize.

Kifissia Street Shopping

Accommodation Kifissia Athens

Hotels here are luxurious, this is the place to stay for the well-heeled in Athens. We bring you this selection of top hotels in this delightful precinct.

Say Hotel Kifissia

Say Hotel is a modern stylish hotel with a good location, friendly staff, tasty breakfasts and a lovely rooftop. Located just 700 metres from Goulandris Natural History Museum with your own private parking, this is a convenient choice in Kifissia.

Charilaou Trikoupi 67 & Diligianni, Kifissia

"The best hotel in Kifissia, modern and elegant with high level of service and food."

The Y Hotel Kifissia - entrance
The Y Hotel Kifissia - interior

The Y Hotel - the focus is on - you guessed it - You! The centrally located small hotel in Kifissia is perfect for business, stylish, contemporary and comfortable. This hotel gets rave reviews and is close enough to Athens Greece airport to consider doing your business in Athens here...without having to go downtown. Now that's handy!

Central location for shopping and dining. Just a comfortable 10 minute walk from the train station.

3 Mykonou Street, Kifissia

“Ambient, clean - lovely rooms, friendly and obliging staff ! Would stay again !”

Kefalari Suites - Kifissia - outside
Kefalari Suites - Kifissia - courtyard

The Kefalari Suites are located in one of the most tranquil, leafy, green areas of Athens, looking over a lovely large park and close to the up-market café precinct on Kefalouri Square.

The suites are stylish, modern and certainly have a boutique atmosphere. This is a completely renovated 19th century mansion offering only 13 suites and plenty of privacy and quiet.

1 Pentelis & Kolokotroni Street, Kifissia

“Very kind and helpfull staff. The coffee counter downstairs is a plus and very convenient. Location of the hotel is fantastic.”

Semiramis Hotel Kifissia - Lounge
Semiramis Kifissia Athens Greece
Semiramis Hotel - Kifissia - bedroom interior with views

The Semiramis is not just a hotel, it is an experience. If you like modern architecture, glam, colours and plastic, it is for you.

I just couldn't get the lines of this song out of my head after visiting there:

"Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...everything that’s wonderful is sure to come your way…when you’re in"

This is a a completely modern hotel with an international reputation and great service.

Art pieces from the owner’s wonderful art collection including works by Jeff Koons, Sue Webster and Tim Noble can be viewed at the hotel.

Described as a fashionista hotel, quirky and bright and zingy, super camp.

4 km from the metro station.

48 Charilaou Trikoupi, Kifissia, Athens

“It was really quirky. The location was really useful. The best thing was how friendly and helpful the staff were!”

Metro sign Kifissia

Getting Here

Flights to Athens airport with code ATH from all over the world, stay at an airport hotel or go directly to Kifissia which is only a 30 minute taxi ride approx. 60-80 Euros.

Getting to Kifissia - it is easy to get to Kifissia on the metro and train line. In normal times, it should take about 30 minutes from the centre of the city. Kifissia is the last station on the line, and it is a very safe suburb.


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