Crete Hotel Suggestions

Searching for a Crete hotel?

We have selected small hotels that are run by locals, with location and style top of the list.

Town Hotels...

Our selections:

Country Guesthouses

Enagron Ecotourism Village in Axos

Our choices of cottages, rural guesthouses or agrotourism experiences in the small villages and mountains of Crete. Each of these is handpicked and small, with the character of Crete.

Relaxing by the beach...

Thalassa House in Plakias

We have carefully chosen lovely places within walking distance to the beach. Our choices are small and charming. perfect for a relaxing summer holiday, plunging into the crystal blue water on impulse!

Luxury in Crete...

Classical Plaza Spa Suites

For a massage or spa treatment, consult our luxury hotel pages.

From the We Love Crete team...

Taso says

"One of my favourite guesthouses in Crete is the Dalabelos Estate just outside of Rethymnon. This place epitomises the Cretan rural lifestyle and showcases our olive oil, fresh food and music. Another is the Eco Village Milia in the mountains in Chania, this is an organic farm and truly grass roots experience".

Toli says

"If I had to choose a favourite hotel in Crete, it would be impossible; I do love the Villa Venezia in the old town of Chania. I love its location next to the limani, in amongst the narrow laneways of the old town. I also love the stone and wood creations ofthe Terra Minoika Villas by Ilias and Stella in Kato Zakros, they are a magnificent homage to the Cretan landscape".

Katia says

"Of course, one of my favourite indulgences is a spa treatment and a massage, so I would have to choose one of the spa hotels of Crete, like Creta Palace, just because I love the ambience of the Elixir Spa. I also love the history of the Arhontiko Studios in Arhanes... "

Crete Hotel
...Featured Pension...

Mama Nena Charming Hotel

Mama Nena pension in the old town of Chania (above) is a unique, small, boutique guesthouse located right on the waterfront of the Venetian harbour.

With stylish presentation, personal service and only three rooms, it really lives up to its name of 'Charming Hotel'. This  beautifully restored building is a feature of the harbour views from every angle a magical historic feature of the limani...

More information and bookings at Mama Nena Charming Hotel...

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