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Enagron Ecotourism Village

Rural Hotels in Rethymnon - choose from location on the map below.

Meronas Eco House

Meronas Eco House, Amari Valley

Rural Hotels in Rethymnon - sitting in the beautiful Amari Valley, this home with foundations of solid stone and chunky wood has been recently restored, with such care and attention to the traditional character of Crete, with even the original door locks in place.

Now open as a B&B or Agrotourism, or Eco House, what ever you wish to call it, it is a little piece of heaven, a slice of the life of Crete hidden behind these doors, with years of slow cooking and living close to the land.

Manolis and his mother, Mrs Eleftheria, will look after you, the visitor will be able to appreciate and experience the local customs of bread making, olive harvesting, herb collecting and of course, farming, first hand.

Meronas Eco House - Entranceway with Raki, Rethymnon Greece

With views to the mountains and Mount Psiloritis, this location is perfect for walkers and trekkers, close to the route of the E4 Walking Path. Or a comfortable day drive for exploring history at Arkadi Monastery, Margarites or the Minoan ruins of Phaistos.

This village is only 34 km from Rethymnon town, in the very centre of the island of Crete, with fresh air and silence included in the package.

More information on Meronas Eco House

Dalabelos Estate

Rural Hotels in Rethymnon - feel the rough stones on your fingertips as you run them along the walls, touching the beautifully made archways, fireplace, mantle and alcoves...

Relax watching the view over olive trees, leaves shimmering green grey in the summer sun, the sound of crickets rythmically calling in the groves...

Dalabelos Farm Estate - exterior with views

The Dalabelos Estate of the Petrodaskalakis Brothers is a village farm estate reconstructed on the outskirts of Angeliana  Αγγελιανά village in Rethymnon, on the island of Crete in Greece.

Starting life as a model eco-tourism project, the village is now complete and has created a beautifully tactile and sensory experience for visitors, a haven to experience the real Crete, with a family that is passionate about their Cretan lifestyle, agriculture and hospitality.

The farm is located 4 km from the village of Perama in the hinterland of the coastal village Panormo, which is 10 km drive. The nearest beach is Gerapotamos which is 5 km from the estate.

Located close to the national road, lying 20 km east of Rethymnon town and 56 km from Iraklion town, this farm is central to the whole island of Crete.

Below is a video of the village farm estate:

In the fully working pottery studio, guests can experience first hand the art of pottery, taught by locals.

Picking the grapes is hard work in the late summer sun, yet thoroughly satisfying. Watching the grape pressing and the wine making process, carefully explained by the wine-maker himself…and even following the left over crushed grapeskins, the must, into the making of the sweet treat mustalevria, one of our favourites.

Dalabelos Farm Estate - interior

Rural Hotels in Rethymnon - the distillation of Cretan raki from wine grapes follows the wine harvest. Guests are again invited to participate. Look out! How well do you hold your liquor? Better have some nibbles and snacks to wash it down with…

Late in the evening, local musicians provide endless rhythms of Cretan music. Kids run around, playing till late in the night. This is the dream of the Petrodaskalakis family, to welcome you to their land and for you to feel a part of their village.

Enagron EcoTourism Village

Enagron Traditional House - exterior village style

Rural Hotels in Rethymnon - Enagron Eco Tourism Village - the Psilioritis range dominates the centre of the island and is the source for inspiration, strength and hardiness of the Cretan character. The mountains are the backbone of Crete and a visit will open your heart to the real Crete.

Giannis and Fani have created Enagron in the village of Axós, in Rethymnon prefecture near Mt Ida, also known as Psiloritis. The essence of nature surrounds them, in the silence of the mountains.

Located 48 km from Rethymnon town, the village has played a part in the history of the island and there are many sights to visit, either on foot or by car, in the local area. The Enagron Village has been built of rock and rough washed as in the local style, with large wooden beam features.  Terracotta and stone interiors with natural textures playing softly on your eye, these maisonettes and studios have been built in the traditional style complete with modern facilities.

On the property is a full Cretan taverna with meals prepared from fresh local produce, and an atmospheric kafenion, just like a village, where you can sit and discuss and talk and philosophise with friends.

Enagron House - interior of bedroom
Enagron village surrounded by greenEnagron village surrounded by green

Kouriton House
Tzanakiana Margarites
Rural Hotels in Rethymnon

Kouriton House - homey kitchen

Rural Hotels in Rethymnon - this beautiful rural accommodation is chosen for its authentic architecture and nice small size, making it a peaceful rustic getaway for a real experience of Kriti.

Located 25 km from Rethymnon town in the central north of the island, Kouriton House, To Spiti ton Kouriton makes a perfect base for an extended stay in Crete, as it is located centrally on the island, allowing easy driving access to each capital town and to each of the diverse prefectures of Crete.

Located in the picturesque village of Tzanakiana Margarites, very close to the famous Arkardi Monastery, this cluster of traditional stone houses is a delight. It is a lazy 15 km drive to the beaches at Panormo with fresh seafood tavernas on the water.

Kouriton House - traditional fireplace

Myth has it that the Kourites were the inventors of the agriculture and healers with herbs and dance. They also were the protectors of the young god Zeus, who hid from his father Chronos in a cave in the Psiloritis mountains (close by).

The Kourites guarded the cave and also danced and clashed their spears against their shields to mask the sound of the baby Zeus crying. The Kourites have a special place in Cretan mythology.

With accommodation for 23 people, the rooms and maisonettes have been warmly decorated in a simple traditional Cretan style, accenting the rough stone walls and thick timber beams. There is much more than meets the eye here, as there is an active ecomuseum teaching visitors and locals alike about history, ecology, sustainable agriculture, and ‘quieter tourism’.

If you want your visit to Crete to contribute to the island, we encourage you to learn about Kriti and participate in an integrated cultural experience just like this one at Kouriton House.

More information and bookings at Kouriton House

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