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Cheapest Nights Stay in Chania

by Gintas
(Vilnius, Lithuania)

Hello there,

Here is the situation. We (2 persons) arrive at Chania on the 6th of August, at midnight (our flight arrives at around 23:50). We are looking for the cheapest way to spend that night. So far, it seems that prices stick to about 20-30 Euros per night for one person.

So to narrow it down:
1. Is this the price range we should expect or is it possible to find some cheaper places to stay?
2. Most importantly, ideas for a place to sleep for the first night we arrive in Chania?

Thank you in advance,
Best wishes from Lithuania :)

Cheap Accommodation Options near Chania Airport

Hi Gintas,

Have you looked on Airbnb?

There is a private room for two for 30 Euros in Aptera – on the harbour opposite the airport
This is a home run by a private person so you would need to book on Airbnb and check that she is ok with your late arrival.

Private Room in Aptera, Hosted by Claudia

Try 'Diana Guesthouse' at 33 P Kelaidi, Chania, this is located in the new town, some blocks from the old town and harbour, yet one block from the bus station. Basic twin room is only 20 Euros per person.

Try 'Rooms 47' at 47 Kandanoleon Street, Chania, they have really good prices and are closer to the old town and beautiful harbour.

Remember the taxi fare - it should be about €27- €30 depending on where you are staying in Chania town.

Remember that value is not just about the price, it is about the location, the experience you will have, safety, convenience and what you can access from that property. Think about what you want to see the next day – is it the old town and harbour, or do you want to take a bus that day? Or do you want to go to the beach?

Perhaps choose accommodation to the north of the airport which is right on the beach – such as 'Blue Beach' at Stavros Beach, only 11 km from the airport. This is the beach where 'Zorba the Greek' movie was filmed.

Anyway I remember when I was backpacking and staying in the cheapest places and I always used to bargain with the owner for the best price – respectfully of course!

Bon Voyage – have a great trip!

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