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Bougatsa Cafe Bakery in Crete

by Lucy
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

I watched an 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' episode recently about the Greek Islands, in which he spent several days on Crete.

He raved about the bougatsa made at a small bakery and served in a café next door.

It's name sounded something like 'Yani'. I don't know what village it was in.

Can you help me identify the name/location/contact info of either or both, and whether they are still open?

Thank you.

Delicious Local Greek Pastry in Chania, Crete

Hi Lucy,

Sure we know the one. It is in the town on the north-west coast of the island called Chania.

The flaky rich pastry is called bougatsa and it is delicious! In this episode it shows Gianni making it by hand, even the filo pastry.

Here is the excerpt from the show, with gastronomic guide Byron and Tony exploring in Chania:

Gianni Makrakis is the creator at 'Bougatsa Chania'

The full contact details are:

37 Apokoronou Street
Chania, Crete
Telephone: 2821043978

To make bougatsa at home you will need the following ingredients:

• eggs
• sugar
• whole milk
• semolina
• butter
• a lemon
• vanilla extract
• filo pastry
• icing sugar
• cinnamon

We have a full page about bougatsa here, with the complete recipe and instructions.

Tony's guide on that visit was Byron Ayanoglu, internationally known author and chef, he has contributed a wonderful foodie article for We Love Crete, he took a gastronomic gallivant around the island; this story is sure to whet your appetite...

There is also a great bougatsa to be found in Lion's Square in Heraklion town, in fact there are many good places to find it on Crete, so you have to just visit and keep trying till you find your favourite!

Here is a culinary video all about the food of Crete which shows another good bougatsa cafe in Chania, Bougatsa Iordanis at Apokoronou 24

Of course there is always the fine touch of the pastry chef that makes every bougatsa different. We have eaten bougatsa all over Crete and not one tasted exactly the same. The truly special thing is that whenever you sit down for a coffee and order a bougatsa, you wonder how will it taste, as unlike mass produced items, they all have their slight variation.

My challenge to you is to try bougatsa in every village or town you visit and try to find your favorite bougatsa. And of course you will not. As it is impossible to find the best bougatsa.

As all good bougatsa's are the best at that moment you are eating it. Combined with the pleasure of the location and your company, and the nature of those that served it to you. This is where flavours truly come to life in Crete. As there are so many fine elements to every experience in Crete, as this place is still elemental and magical.

A coffee in the plateia is more than just a coffee in a plateia. You may fall into a deep philosophical conversation with the man sitting at the next table, or the flight of birds landing on the syntriváni may have a poignant pattern. Ordinary can be very extraordinary in Kriti.

And yet a bougatsa can also be found wanting, but that is a conversation for another time.

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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