Greek Seafood - Octopus

Greek Seafood - the essence of Greece is the sea, the seafood and sitting relaxing in a seaside taverna, eating, most likely, octopus!

The sight of octopus drying by the limani captures all those feelings, these images remind of us the fresh breezes of the sea, endless sun, and the promise of a tasty feast with good company, maybe some Mediterranean seafood; fresh fish and grilled octopus.

On the Rope

On the Rope, Antiparos, Greece

Skiathos - octopi

Octopus Drying, Skiathos, Greece

Lunch anyone?

Octopus Drying near Blue & White Fishing Boat, Gythio, Greece

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Octopus by the Limani, Ios, Greece

Fresh Octopus anyone?

Fresh Octopus by the Taverna, Gythio, Greece

A Real Greek Image

Taverna Colour, Santorini, Greece

octopus tentacle

Getting Up Close and Personal with Fresh Octopus, Thassos, Greece

Jesper looking at octopus

Learning Young, Naxos, Greece

Octopi, Plaka

No Doubt About It! Plaka, Crete, Greece

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Greek Seafood
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The word for octopus in Greek is octapodi  χταπόδι, which of course means eight feet. Those feet are the tentacles that become delicious morsels when grilled.

Greek Seafood

Katia says

All over Greece you will see fishermen seeking octopus, and ecstatic when catching one on the line. The most unromantic thing about fishing for octopus is catching one, as it needs to be killed and wacked on the rocks repeatedly. Arggghhh! Of course this is partly how it is tenderised to get it ready for eating.

This famous dish and also the crunchy little baby fish known as marides, and kalimari or squid are favourites, as well as a wide variety of other fish, it just depends on the catch of the day and what the taverna is offering.

Octopus can be prepared in a variety of ways including warm salads, fresh salads, octopus in vinegar marinade, or pasta bake, many people like it on the BBQ after soaking in marinade, as follows:


·         5 cloves garlic

·         4 lemons

·         1 cup olive oil

·         1 cup red wine vinegar

·         1 tablespoon oregano

·         salt and pepper to taste

Soak the octopus overnight in this marinade, then use it to brush over the octopus when it is on the grill or BBQ, and finally use it on top of the cooked octopus. Mmmm ym!

Try to order your fish on the grill sti skara too, as it is fresh, juicy and delicious.

In Crete try the Psarotaverna Papadakis in Kastelli Kissamos, and Zepos Taverna on the waterfront in Chania town, Taverna Spinalonga in Plaka near Elounda.

Kali Orexi !!   Καλη ‘Ορεξη  !!

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