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Wine Tasting in October

by Rosemary

We would like to visit some wineries in October.

Will it be too cold and out of season for this and will the wineries be open?

Is there a way of getting a driver for the day?

Hire cars and wine tasting do not go well together.

How much would it cost?

Wineries in Crete

Hi Rosemary,

Yes, it is a little cold in October, however not too cold to prevent a holiday and even swim. Locals would not think so. Many wineries are open by appointment only and it would be best to contact each one individually to see if they can accommodate you during the dates you require.

See more about Wines of Crete here.

Depending on how long you have in Crete, you may need to choose which wine region to visit in Crete.

Chania Region

In the west, near Chania Town, you will find Nostos, Douraki, Zacharioudakis, Manousakis and Karavitakis wineries.

Heraklion Region

In the Peza region in central Crete, close to Heraklion Town, you will find Paterinakis winery with organic wines, and a good setup for visitors. Here also are Minos wines and the Peza cooperative, nearby in the Archanes region you will find the Archanes cooperative, Lidakis and Sinadinakis wineries.

South of here, in Dafnes region, visit the Douloufakis winery, perhaps on your way to lunch at Dafnes Village.

Lasithi Region

To the east of the island, near the town of Sitia, visit the Sitia cooperative and Economou Winery. Amali Restaurant in New York has praised wines from Gianis Economou, having discovered them recently, they stock vintages from 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2006, which incorporate mandilaria and liatiko, within their range of over 100 Greek wines. Winemag rated Amali in its top 100 Wine Restaurants in 2014.

Private Driver Guide
In regards to a driver, yes this is possible but we are not sure how much exactly it would cost, please chat to:

George at Private Tours Crete

Vivi Says

There is a nice winery in Heraklion in the centre of the island named Zacharioudakis, this is a wonderful setting overlooking the Messara Valley from the hill 'Orthi Petra'. This modern winery, established in 2009, is producing a dry white 'Vidiano', a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Kotsifali red 'Kodix', a Rose, a Kotsifali and a Cabernet Sauvingnon Kotsifali.

Visit Stelios Zacharioudakis and his family at Ploutsi and combine the visit with a look at Phaistos or Gortyn or both,

Stelios at Zacharioudakis

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