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Where to look for family history in Crete

by Callie
(Denver, Colorado USA)

We are planning our trip in May. My grandfather's family originated from Crete. We would like to know a good place to start looking for our history.

Is there a place set aside for birth records, archives or anything of that nature? His birth date would be in the 1890's.

Any information would greatly help,

Discovering Your History in Crete

Yiasas Callie,

It depends whereabouts on the island your grandfather came from.

There are four states in Crete called prefectures – each one has a capital town where you will be able to search for records.

From west to east the states are:

• Chania
• Rethymnon
• Heraklion
• Lasithi

The Cretan people are very proud of their history and when I visited my grandfather's village I heard stories about my grandfather and my great-grandfather, like it was just yesterday. So once you are on the trail of your grandfather, people will be really helpful and tell you wonderful stories!

If you know your grandfather's family name, you could begin by searching on the internet, and making some email inquiries to the organisations below.

In the Chania Region
In Chania town, your first stop would be at the Municipal Tourist information office on 53 Mylonogianni St and they will point you in the right direction to the historical archives. In this way you will get personal service.

To contact the Chania local government:

You could also try the Chania Folklore Museum at 46Β Halidon Street, Chania.

In the Rethymnon Region
In Rethymnon you can visit different historical museums, start by contacting the local government:

You might contact or visit the Rethymnon Historical and Folklore Museum on 28 Emmanouil Vernardou St, Rethymnon

In the Heraklion Region
In Heraklion you can visit the The Historical & Folklore Museum of Crete at 27 Sofokli Venizelou Avenue, Heraklion

You can try contacting the Heraklion local government:

In the Lasithi Region
In eastern Crete the capital is Agios Nikolaos, at the Folklore Museum of Agios Nikolaos you will find the way to family history. It is located at 2 Kondylaki St opposite the bridge which is in the centre of town.

Contact the local government:

More information for your trip:

Chania Town info

Rethymnon Town

Heraklion Town

Agios Nikolaos

All the best in your search and have a great trip to Kriti!

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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Looking for my Great Grandfather
by: Joscelyn

I hope this inquiry finds you well.

It seems in research regarding my 4th great grandfather gratin martin, it states that he is a Cretan upon his immigration (applying for citizenship) in Newburyport Massachusetts.

It is said within documentation he first arrived approx. 1811. I believe he came earlier.

It is said that he was 81 when he passed in 1861. So this would make it that he was born around 1781ish. I do not know which section he is from. Would you be able to guide me in right direction? Any emigration from Crete?

Is the the last name "Martin" have a particular region where the family may have originated? Is the first name "Gratin" another clue or popular name In Crete as well as the last name "Martin"?

Thank you so very Sincerely for any help In this matter.

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