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How To Get to Karpathos

by Zohar

I am planing a trip to Crete island in August and would like to go to Karpathos as well.

Are there any other ways to pass to this island except ferry or flight?

Get from Crete to Karpathos Island

Zohar, Thanks for your question, actually the best ways are ferry or flight.

I guess you could hire a yacht or a chartered yacht; most people take the ferry.

The Ferry Options

Ferries go to Karpathos with GA Lines or Lane Lines from Crete. On Crete there are two ports where you can depart for Karpathos:

• Heraklion
• Sitia

Heraklion port is in the very centre of Crete, on the north coast. Sitia is on the north-eastern coast, so it is closest to Karpathos.

See the map below of Crete and Karpathos.

On Karpathos, there are two different ports where the ferry docks. You can choose which port for your destination. On Karpathos, ferries stop at both:

• Karpathos Port
• Diafani

The trip durations are as follows:

• Heraklion to Karpathos Port - around 9 hours
• Heraklion to Diafani - around 10 and a half hours
• Sitia to Karpathos Port - around 5 and a half hours
• Sitia to Diafani - around 7 hours

Prices start at 18 Euro for a deck seat up to 58 Euro for a Deluxe Cabin, with various options in between. We have travelled on Lane Lines and they are very comfortable. The crossing from Sitia doesn’t take long, so you would be comfortable with a deck seat. Don’t forget there are cafes, shops and restaurants on the ferry so you can walk around and enjoy the journey.

The Flight Options

All fight prices fluctuate with the seasons and the specials – best to check here for the best prices

Different flight options below:

• Olympic Airlines flies every day from Athens ATH to Karpathos AOK – duration is about 1 hour and cost is from 55-110 Euro

• Olympic fly from Karpathos AOK to Kasos KSJ - duration is 20 minutes and cost is around 40 Euro

• Olympic fly from Karpathos AOK to Rhodes RHO – duration is 40 minutes and cost is around 50 Euro

• Olympic fly from Heraklion HER to Athens ATH many times per day – duration is around one hour and cost is around 30-60 Euro

• Aegean Airlines flies every day from Heraklion HER or Chania CHQ to Athens ATH – there are many flights per day so you can surely make a good connection to the Karpathos flight – duration is around 1 hour

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Crete to Karpathos to Rhodes Map

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