Escorted Tours of Crete

by Noreen
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

Are there any fully escorted tours of Crete? We don't want to drive ourselves or make accommodation reservations. We are interested in the Minoan culture and general history and culture of Crete.

We live in Florida so we don't need the beach. I would like to spend at least 5 days and can do up to 12 days.

Also, we are looking for a flight from Bari, Italy to Crete if there is such a thing.

We would be looking for something in the first 2 weeks of June 2015.

Please help.

Thanks, Noreen

Touring Crete with a Guide

Hi Noreen,

Thanks so much for your interest in escorted tours of Crete. We are not a travel agency, we are a family who loves Crete and write about the island, you will find most of the information on our website is for independent travellers.

There certainly are escorted tours to Crete and we are sure you will find them on offer from your local travel agent.

Tour companies can assist with a pre-planned itinerary and pre-booked accommodation and certainly any tour to Crete will include a visit to the Knossos Palace Archaeological Site and Museum.

Companies such as Olympic Holidays, Monarch Holidays and Thomas Cook offer these tours.

Knossos Palace Archaeological Site is located 5 km outside of Heraklion, the capital of Crete, in the central north of the island.

As you are interested in Minoan history, it is suggested to leave half a day to visit this site with your guide. Also, leave half a day to visit the Archeaological Museum, which is located in the town of Heraklion itself.

If you want a private, personalised guide of Crete island who can put together an individual itinerary for you please write to George at Private Tours Crete, he is a very knowledgeable history and culture guide.

In regards to your flights from Italy, it seems that from Bari there are no direct flights to Crete, see timetables here:

It also seems that from the nearby airport of Brindisi, there are no direct flights to Crete, see timetables here:

One option would be a flight with Alitalia from Naples to Athens to Crete, to either Chania Airport CHX or Heraklion Airport HER.

We suggest that you would need to fly Bari to Rome to Athens then Crete throughout most of the year, however from June to September, EasyJet do have direct flights from Rome to Crete at Heraklion Airport.

The Minoan history of Crete is fascinating, we have covered some of these stories woven with the threads of time on our history pages:

Minoan Palaces

Ancient History of Crete

Arthur Evans

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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