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With Autocamper on the Ferry

by Maryann

I am confused regarding ferries that can accommodate an autocamper vehicle. When I want to book it is always a car or a seat I can book.

I wanted to visit Crete during winter for a month or so in my autocamper. Driving from Denmark I was thinking to go from Athens to Crete, unless you have a better suggestion.

Hope to hear from you...

Thank you very much for a great informative website.


Autocamper on Ferry

Hi Maryann,

Yes, you can easily do this. Paleologos SA runs the ferry booking site and they can assist you by phone +30 2810 346185 or email booking @ or see their website

Overall, to book a fare on a ferry with a vehicle you need to book for the people, and the vehicle, separately. People cannot sleep in the vehicle when it is on board the ferry. This is for safety reasons. So, you need to book something like a seat or a cabin. Then for the booking of the vehicle, it helps to know the height and length of your vehicle before sitting down to book online, and you might need your license details.

The easiest way for your trip this winter is to take a ferry from Athens to Heraklion. Pireaus is the port of Athens. (You can choose Chania in Crete as a destination in other seasons).

To Book Online
To book online choose Piraeus as the departure port and Heraklio as the arrival port. Select your number of passengers and select 1 vehicle. You will find ferries from Anek Lines and Minoan Lines available in winter, choose a date in December. Click continue. You will then see a screen which gives you the options of seat or berth for people and below this, you will see a section that asks you to choose a vehicle type. See example of the vehicle selection in the screen shot below:

Ferry booking to Crete

NB: This will look different from site to site, and may look different as the site updates from year to year, but generally you will find a version like this, allowing you to choose your vehicle type.

Alternatively, please see information on Anek Lines website

Or try the Minoan Lines website

If in doubt always pick up the phone – they will speak English and be able to assist with all your queries to make your trip to Greece very smooth.

Some more info for your trip:

Getting To and From Crete

Athens Stopover

Heraklion Region

Heraklion Town

Chania Region

Chania Town info

Bon Voyage! Kalo Taxidi!

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