Winter in Crete

by Sara
(Wisconsin, USA)

We are looking to get away from our cold weather for a couple months over the January, February, March timeframe (not this year, in the next few years). Thinking of renting an Airbnb on Crete but not sure if things are closed or there would be nothing to do since it’s the off season. Also, could we do 2 months without renting a car by just using public transportation and taxis? Any feedback you can provide would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Winter in Crete
by: Katia, Anastasi, Apostoli

Yiasou Sara,

Winter in Crete is cold. Maybe not as cold as Wisconsin but cold and it snows. Not everywhere.

It would be a great time to visit to see the island in its natural state not just beach lifestyle and busy with tourists. The olive harvest happens in winter.

Yes you can get around on local buses easily. You could also find a place to rent for 2 months at a decent price because it is off season.

Here is a page about the climate in Crete:

And more information here:

A winter in Crete - tips

Bon Voyage! Kalo Taxidi!

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