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Travel Guide Greece - we like to get off the beaten track and see the back roads, get under the skin of the country. So do many of our visitors...

After many enquiries from our visitors over the years, we have created two 'Trip Ideas' booklets for Crete - one for the east and one for the west. They are based on 5 day visits, as many people seem to have only this time for their visit to Crete. Of course each suggested route can be changed and fit into any itinerary of your own design.

We suggest you spend at least 10 days in Crete!

Five Days in the West of Crete by Car or Motorcycle by The We Love Crete Team

West of Crete

Our own trip ideas to the west of Crete includes the following destinations, ideal for independent travellers:

•    Knossos Palace
•    Zaros Village
•    Amari Valley
•    Old Town Rethymnon
•    Lake Kournas
•    Old Town Chania
•    Samaria Gorge
•    Balos Lagoon
•    Topolia Gorge
•    Elafonisi Beach

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Five Days in the East of Crete by Car or Motorcycle by The We Love Crete Team

East of Crete

We created this trip ideas booklet for the east of the island with the following destinations:

•    Knossos
•    Lasithi Plateau
•    Dikti Cave
•    Elounda
•    Spinalonga
•    Agios Nikolaos
•    Sitia
•    Kato Zakros
•    Zakros Palace
•    Vai Beach
•    Kritsa

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Bundle: Five Days in the West & East of Crete by Car or Motorcycle by The We Love Crete Team

For your 10 day visit - or longer - get the two ebooks for less - as a bundle

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Good Greece travel information, including maps, is available at

Greece's main tourist organisation (GNTO) has produced these beautiful videos, after which you will have no defences left and you will just have to visit or return to Greece!

Incredible Crete - the website of the Region of Crete - has a wealth of information for travellers

Crete travel information can be found in each capital city of Crete:

·        Chania

·        Rethymnon

·        Heraklion

·        Agios Nikoloas

Travel Information Before You Leave

There are many Greek tourism offices in major capitals all around the world, for example in Sydney, Toronto, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and the list goes on. Each office will be able to answer your questions and provide Greece travel information.

Travel Guide Greece - Business Information

Many countries in the world also have commercial relationships with Greece, there are many government and non-government sources of information, introduction and connections for doing business in Greece.

In many major capitals of the world you will find a Greek Chamber of Commerce aligned with that country, such as the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or the Greek American Chamber of Commerce.

Greek Tourism Videos

Guaranteed to get you packing your bags tonight! Below is a collage of Greek images based around the water, crystal clear and flowing, including glimpses of Crete such as Vrisses and Spinalonga, Knossos and the Phaistos disk inside the Heraklion archaeological museum.

Below is a collage about the history and culture of Greece, with stunning images of the Parthenon, ruins at Delphi and Epidavros, Knossos and existing architecture from all over Greece.


Below is a lovely collage of the sea of Greece. Sparkling blue days. It doesn't get better than that.

Travel Guide Greece
Featured Pension...

Casa Moazzo, Rethymnon

Travel Guide Greece - Casa Moazzo was voted the best accommodation in Crete by travellers. Located in the narrow lane ways of the old town of Rethymnon, this fully restored mansion provides just six suites, each one with its particular style of decoration. This is a truly romantic setting, with 

Located in the central west of the island, Rethymnon is a wonderful base from which to explore the islands beaches, mountains, gastronomy and charms.

More information and bookings at Casa Moazzo Suites & Apartments...

Crete - the Island Inside You

Are you dreaming of visiting Crete? Here are some lyrical videos to help...

The video below 'Beach Daydreaming'

The video below is 'Crete Daydreaming'

Perhaps you dream of romance in Crete? 

Get away from the hum drum of mundane life and escape to Crete!

Luxury in Crete...

Massage client relaxing under a towel next to the sea

Travel Guide Greece - the luxury and spa resorts in Crete are world-renowned for their quality, beauty and excellence in customer service. Take the stress out of your body with a spa treatment, a massage or hydrotherapy session.

Our selections of luxury accommodations in Crete provide options for resorts from the west to the east of the island, in small guesthouses and larger resorts offering the very latest in design, style, gastronomy and pampering.

Our selections of large villas suitable for extended family groups or retreats all over Crete... each villa accommodates over 8 guests.

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