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Three on the Road

by Antonio
(Cartagena Spain)

Hi, I've booked a travel to Crete from Spain from September 24 to 30 and hired a car. I'm going with my two adult sons (21 and 26). We're looking for slow, relaxing days to talk, walk on the beach, have good food and know people.

I was thinking in settle in the Chania area, on a non-crowded beach village and make excursions to see something interesting from there.

If you would be so kind as to recommend to me which may be that village to take to stay as a central point, a recommendable accommodation and places worth seeing?

Thanks in advance from Spain.

Chania Accommodation to Explore West Crete

Yiasas Antonio,

You have a very enjoyable trip planned with your sons. You can choose from many uncrowded beach villages in Chania during September including Kalyves, Maleme and Agia Marina.

We present the beaches and accommodation options on pages below.

We also present three villa options below – each one in a good location, very close to the beach, yet with different considerations. This type of accommodation will give you excellent privacy with your sons to enable some quality time together without the intrusion of the outside world, yet close to the beaches, villages and beautiful towns of the region. Because you have a hire car, a villa option is very practical.

In the Chania region, we suggest the following sights:
• The Old Town of Chania
• Balos Lagoon
• Elafonisi Beach
• The White Mountains - Samaria Gorge or Agia Irini Gorge
• The village of Theriso

If you stay close to the Rethymnon region (next to Chania), we suggest the following sights:
• The Old Town of Rethymnon
• Lake Kournas
• Arkadi Monastery
• Margarites Village
• Drive to Plakias in the south
• Agia Fotini remote beach

Villa Sophia - Architects Stone Villa in Prines - Rethymnon close to Chania Region
• Beautifully central on Crete island – explore the regions of Chania and Rethymnon
• Set in the lovely village of Prines with rural charm, cafe and Giannikos Taverna
• 8 km from Rethymnon town, 4 km from beach, 60 km from Chania town

Villa in Tavronitis – very near to beach - Chania Region
• West of Chania town – very central to the whole of Chania
• 300 metres from the beach, not in a village, in rural surrounds
• 5 km from the seaside village of Kolymbari, or 4 km from the seaside village of Maleme

Villa Dimitra in Galatas - Chania Region
• 2 km from nice village of Galatas
• Set in rural surrounds just 2.4 from the beaches
• Close to Chania town just 6 km

Enjoy your journeys and special time together as Three on the Road!

Bon Voyage! Buen Viaje! Kalo Taxidi

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