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Four Days in Crete

by Twenty Something

Hi, I came across your website and it appears you obviously have a wealth of knowledge for many parts of Greece, particularly Crete.

My friend and I (late 20's) arrive in Crete by the ferry (Heraklion) and want to leave out of the airport to fly back to Athens.

We have are going in June and will be traveling to Crete from Santorini on June 10 and leave on the 14th to fly back to Athens where we will get our flight back to the USA.

I have a few questions. There is tons of information about all the places in Crete to visit. One travel agent recommended we rent a small car and spend two nights in Heraklion and then two nights in Chania.

I have read many things about only spending a day in Chania and also that Heraklion isn't even a great place to stay... What do you suggest?

Also, this isn't specifically about Crete, but do you have a website or can give me more specific help looking for the high speed ferry and boat schedules?

We want to make the most of each place we visit by leaving as early as possible to get everywhere on the day we are traveling there. Thanks so much for any input.

East or West of Crete

We often start by asking people to choose between the east or west of the island, if they only have a short time.

Generally it would be nice to have 10 days to see the whole island (in some fashion).

So in four days you need to make this decision. Remember that Herakion is in the centre north of the island so you can go either way from there, also Knossos is about 5 kms from Heraklion so you will probably include that if you arrive via Heraklion.

You said you are thinking of flying out of Chania, so this means the west of the island.

You could arrive, see Knossos then head to the west via the north coast road or an inland road, see the Venetian towns of Rethymnon and Chania and many beaches in the west.

Our new e-book gives a good itinerary that suits your ideas and you can amend it to suit your timeframe...

Five Days in the West of Crete by Car or Motorbike...

For such a short trip, hiring a car will be ideal.

For ferries etc. the internet is usually a bit sketchy but try

Bon Voyage - Kalo Taxidi!

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