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Food Prices at Supermakets and Restaurants in Crete

by Kumi

We are going to Crete from the end of June for 2 weeks with 3 teenagers. So all total 5 of us.

As you know these teenagers eat well!

So I am thinking how to save a little bit of our spending our money for eating out while on Crete.

Luckily our accommodation has a kitchen, so as a Mum, no holiday for me, I will have to cook!

So I am very keen on about price of food, drink etc. and especially eating out in restaurants as well.

Food in Crete

by Vivi

Hi, first of all I apologise for my English.

I want to inform you about the food in Greece!

There does not exist, anywhere in Europe, the most delicious food in very good quality and prices as there is in Greece and especially Crete.

Whoever comes to Crete holidays and cooking inside the rented apartment is like not to have ever been to Crete.

How you'll make friends?, how to understand the culture of a country?, if you haven't the taste of food, the wine, the fruits, if you do not sitting in a taverna for dinner under the stars, if you do not put your glass up and say "yia mas" ...! !

It has very good food and in good prices a little bit away from the tourist shops.

The portions with meat is about 7.00 euros, 5.00 euros pasta, souvlaki 2.00 euros.

I don't know which part of Crete you will visit, but everywhere you visit you'll find tavernas good ... but beware the moussaka if you serve in the ceramic bowl is likely to be frozen! But you can always ask to visit the kitchen and see what dishes are cooking for the day before you sit down.

Love from Crete

Taverna Food in Crete

Yes, we wholeheartedly agree with Vivi and if you get a chance you can visit her taverna in the foothills of the mountains...

Vegera Taverna - Zaros

Your meal in an inexpensive taverna will cost around €10 per person, in a mid-range taverna around €20-30 per person.

You can eat fresh food, local vegetables and produce, a variety of tastes and flavours very cheaply in Crete. Just ask the locals or the hotel to direct you to a good taverna with traditional food with low prices. They will no doubt help you out.

Thank you

by Kumi

Thank you for all your help

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