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Crete Guide - Independent Travel - taking some time and a car will mean you can explore the ruggedly beautiful interior of the island of Crete as well as visit some exquisite beaches. 

East Crete by Car - trip ideas ebook

Take a back roads journey through the island of Crete in Greece. The new edition of the 5 Days in the East of Crete helps you discover the real Crete - archaeological sites, rocky mountains and caves, organic food preparation, haunted islands and other magic in the east of Crete. Get behind the scenes.

Anastasi, Apostoli and Katia of We Love Crete have put together some of their favourite places in the east of the island to give you an interesting, authentic and diverse itinerary to follow. Or adapt for yourself.

It's all in the new edition of 5 Days in the East of Crete -

  • Learn the secrets of the Minoans at the Knossos Palace

  • Drive through the country, visit wineries, take in the views of the Dikti Mountains, and visit the local tavernas

  • Get off the beaten track in the Lasithi Plateau and experience Psychro Cave

  • Have easy access to the route with our live-link map and clickable website addresses

  • Unravel the mystery of the ruins at Spinalonga

  • Discover the Ha Gorge or Zakros Gorge and the only palm forest in Europe

  • Packed with tips for accommodation that will save you Euros and provide authentic local experiences

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ebook2 3D New 2022

East Crete Guide
24 pages
Only €2.48 EUR

Elounda Crete (image by Phil McIntosh)

5 Days in the East of Crete, e-Book

Everyone knows Crete as a beach destination, and that an average of 300 days of sunshine a year means more chances to relax on the sand. As an independent visitor, who wants to do more than just lie on the beach, it can be difficult to plan a great route without knowledge of the island.

Firstly, there's the language barrier, which can make it difficult to ask directions on back roads, how do you know what sights and villages you should be looking for? And, what is the difference between and Zakros, Kato Zakros and Faragi Zakrou?

With the 5 Days in the East of Crete, you won't miss any of the historic sites, interesting towns and blissful beaches. This route will show you the relaxed tavernas and traditional food of Crete, for everyday eating and everyday pleasure.

The stunning mountains and coastlines of Crete will be at your fingertips –

  • Experience mountain hospitality and local food in Tzermiado

  • Enjoy the views, nature and green heart of the Lasithi Plateau

  • Use our accommodation tips in Elounda

  • Relish in the stylish lakeside boulevard and atmosphere of Agios Nikolaos

  • See the inland route to Kato Zakros and the historic Gorge of the Dead

  • Rugged Gorges! Unexplored mountains and gorges of the east of Crete

  • Best of all, enjoy the luxurious and unusual palm beach of Vai

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ebook2 3D New 2022

East Crete Guide
24 pages
Only €2.48 EUR

Kato Zakros from aboveKato Zakros from above

How Long Will you Stay in Crete?

Apostoli's cafe racer

We've suggested an itinerary, and given accommodation suggestions, different options for various routes along the way, and variations. There are plenty of information links within the book.

Five days is not a lot of time to spend in Crete. Ideally you need a lot longer. With this guide, you will be able to make the most of your time in Crete.

With the live-link map, you'll be able to link directly to the map from the eBook and use the map to plan your days and plot your routes in Crete.

With the Five Days in the East of Crete and the live-link map you will –

  • Save money by knowing your plans in advance and pre-booking your accommodation

  • Print out the guide to take with you in the car or on your motorbike

  • The guide includes Greek names in Greek writing for easy recognition of road signs

  • Take less time reading the map and more time chatting to the locals

  • Ease the worry of ‘where will we sleep tonight?’ and enjoy more time relaxing at the taverna

  • Have the suggested itinerary for the east of Crete and maps with you in one handy package

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ebook2 3D New 2022

East Crete Guide
24 pages
Only €2.48 EUR

What Does The Crete Guide 
e-Book Include?

East Crete Guide
• About This Book
• How to Use this Guide
• Summary of the Trips
• Day One
• Day Two
• Day Three
• Day Four
• Day Five
• Crete Facts
• More Information for this Route
• Accommodation Suggestions for this Route
• Options of Alternative Routes
• Greek Names for this Route
• Live-Link Map

Beautiful colour images
24 pages

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Crete Guide - a back roads journey through Crete - discover Vai Beach

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East Crete by Car - trip ideas ebook

East Crete Guide

The best of the east of Crete, visit the villages and see the real mountains behind the beaches, be surrounded by cosmopolitan luxury in Elounda, then explore the ancient paths of the dead, and merge into the sand under a palm tree in Vai... 

We trust you will enjoy your travels... 

Kalo Taxidi!    Καλό Ταξιδι   Bon Voyage!

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